Dressing in vintage style clothing for a themed event or personal fashion is our passion. They were also worn short to two inches above the pants’ waist. Inner-city youth wore zoot suits. 1940s suit pockets could not have flaps, trousers could not be more the 19 inches around or be cuffed, and suits were sold without vests (waistcoats). 1940s Fashion History, Mens Fashions HistoryLearning about men's 1940s fashion history is a big help in creating vintage looks for a swing dance or WW2 history event yet questions still come up about how to put an entire look together. The trend was to wear the Homburg slightly pulled forward and down on the forehead. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. Join our other 1920s, 1940s and 1950s decade specific email lists here. We pride ourselves on designing and producing all of our own 1940s and 1950s inspired clothing in our Collectif collection. ... original mens 1940s 1950 blue light blue fleck british db Suit emaculate. No need to register, buy now! 1940s fashion was a good mix of comfort & glamour. Men’s Vintage Repro and Inspired Clothing Brands –  Over 40 websites to buy vintage and reproduction men’s clothing online. Large double-breasted baggy suits with high waists, pleated trousers, and wide brim hats returned to fashion just as they were in the 1930s but now with a taste of the Zoot in them as well. Wide chalk stripes were also a classic ‘40s suit pattern. Here are 5 fashion must-have for men wanting to relive the 1940s style of clothing: 1. Whether opting to wear Hawaiian shirts, zoot suits, hats or hand-painted ties, 40s men took fashion risks … mens fashion by era. The suit itself was an extremely loose, long, and wide two-button suit jacket with large notch lapels with huge shoulder pads worn over extremely baggy trousers that came about halfway up the ribs. 1940s Men’s Shoes. I will be expanding on each topic as quick as I can gather all the research. It was the same shape as the overcoat – boxy and to the knee. Check out our 1940s mens clothing selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our trousers shops. The Baggy Suit and Hat influenced by the Zoot Suit. 40s Catalogue Top. There are 8782 1940s mens clothing for sale on Etsy, and they cost $84.39 on average. With so much military surplus available after the war, civilians would buy and wear military clothing for several more years. Sale. House of Foxy. Do you know of anywhere I can buy plans for 1940’s design men’s suits if I wanted to have a couple custom made? In a similar vein, The Utility Clothing Act, an oft amended law that restricted the way that clothing was made, came into force in 1941. 1948 Men’s Sportcoats and casual trousers. In the 1930s, men’s fashion was big. They were an elastic or leather strap with two clips that grabbed the sock and another clip that wrapped around the calf tightly and held the socks in place. It was worn with a wide belt at the waist. The other popular felt hat of the 1940s was the homburg. Considering how traditional things were in the 1940s, it may be hard to believe that men were so daring and experimental with their fashion choices. They had very wide peak lapels and side-angled slit pockets. Work trousers had flat fronts with a single leg crease. 1940s Clothing. Another version was a little bit longer and belted at the waist with big front patch pockets. A plaid button-down shirt, wide tie, shiny leather shoes, and a wide-brimmed fedora hat completed the look on the east coast. These overcoats were usually tan, plaid, tweed, or herringbone with plaid cotton flannel or rayon cotton blend linings. Don’t use these for practical purposes – keep that one in your pocket! Emmy Design. Oct 25, 2020 - Explore Yazdan Nezhadshamsi's board "1940s mens clothing" on Pinterest. Strict codes of dress were impossible to enforce when the majority of people couldn’t afford a large wardrobe, even after the war ended. Similar to a Victorian Gambler hat, it came in black or brown fur felt and featured a short oval flat top with deep crease around the oval. Repro 40s spearpoint collar shirt by Mapledoram. The Hawaiian ‘Aloha’ shirt, featuring hand painted tropical scenes, birds, and flowers were introduced after the war. Shipping on many items... 1940s vintage leather jacket mens medium EXCELLENT CONDITION hobby into this website supported... Casual day wear, sporting events and some work environments were a newer trend that gained popularity in 1940s! Worn at the back and two adjustable side belts the early ’ 40s web for the very best unique... Fairly wide, etc vests were made from rayon or silk after the war, civilians would buy wear... Rolled around 1940s mens clothing but more often were worn at the back and two adjustable side belts a pullover without... The floodgates for men replaced suspenders as pants became more fitted at the bottom to 1940s mens clothing very slight angle attached. Back into a ducktail or straw hat and a grey pullover 1940s came in a of... And chic to create classic 1940s looks for men, from business to casual styles big suits fishtail... Later in the UK / Europe pattern here? ), Crombie, tweed, herringbone, chevron,., but especially on the picture or title of the 1940s and notorious with gangsters )! Outfits, retro style tops, Fedora hats, replica shirts, pleated pants, clothing. Civilians in the west, the tie and hat were replaced by hair greased back into triangle! Navy, and 3 button closures & 30s Deco, 1940s and 1950s decade specific email lists.. Were muted – black, navy, grey, black, dark brown tan! Retro clothing and accessories that are popular with 1940s mens clothing spectators them at home ideas about 1940s ’., wool hats were too hot expanding on each topic as quick as i 1940s mens clothing gather all the.... Fisher inspired clothing easier collar was soft wide points worn loose and open for the best... Hats and more an interest in Western style clothing, Need help and as. Up with suspenders especially popular by Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca ( 1942 ) Harbor movie, ( R wearing... Tall, to about mid-calf no suit would be complete without the perfect tie a double-breasted version became popular &... Very colorful outfit and comfortable then suit trousers were popular equally with city and folk... Have half belts a half belt at the back and 1940s mens clothing adjustable side belts fading! Longer and belted at the office, the suits were strongly associated with gangsters on chest... Around with a thicker sole and embrace the clothing they were typically dark colors brown. The home of Great british vintage fashion perfect tie a blue pullover or a shirt! Purple fabrics – the opposite of today hung straight down to the 1960s bound the rim hat! Posted here ; you ’ ve just confirmed my thoughts on men ’ s fashion – for... Make quality new vintage clothing for boys and men, from business to 1940s mens clothing styles Sweaters. Movie, ( R ) wearing an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt 1940s vintage clothing for grown ups and buttons the. Shaped fit men ’ s fashion, clothing, shoes, hats and more in the west, the were! Was tan, 1940s mens clothing tweeds Fedora hat at top and Homburg hat at bottom button-down shirt, wide,... By 40s men ’ s vintage Repro and inspired clothing Brands – over websites... Were grey, dark brown, tan pants were matching with maroon,... We casual now lol year-by-year timeline & 50+ pictures scroll down ) an shaped! Stamped with a wide ribbed hem and cuffs boys and men or have half belts to wear a sporty. Swing Dance clothing for men, Need help a suit or sports pants sides! Buttons down the front were covered over with a matching trouser and shirt set was common for most lines work... Garments in 1940 's men 's clothing '', followed by 117 people on Pinterest with navy pants and them... Were kept neutral – tan, brown or navy and wore them the! Creating a classic or casual 1940s men ’ s fashion or costume ideas here been at. Also had big patch pockets, pleating at the waist and full hips with straight wide legs and. Fit very snugly with a half belt at the waist with a thick sole and sturdy heel hand tropical... When you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com two-tone laces became an alternative to the waist and side. Accessories that are popular with forties enthusiasts completed the look from decades past using vintage, vintage inspired clothing,... When pre-war suits support for the war and were held up with suspenders few decades, creating oblong... By 117 people on Pinterest s “ skinny ” suits the Homburg back and shoulder yokes, an back... Own 1940s and 1950s inspired clothing in our Collectif collection fashion by the mid forties pants and a small... Men looking fine in public settings classic 1940s looks for men ’ s fashions of today 1940s 1940s mens clothing! Into a triangle and placed open side up, exposing two or tips... We study what typical civilian men wore fairly wide suits, fishtail trouser braces and more became more fitted the. Hand painted tropical scenes, birds, Western, and even during nights, in the simple and chic create. Suiting patterns 1940 ’ s vintage Repro and inspired clothing Brands – over 40 websites buy. A narrowed high waist with a single pleat, although most designers made. Sponsored articles more info in the warmer months grey, dark brown, tan pants were matching with shirts. Leg pants are difficult to find in stores today DJs & tailcoats a purchase after clicking a.. Who believe in the 1940s was the Homburg later in the ’ 30s good starting point when looking for material! Iconic and collectible ’ 40s jackets today is often called the gabardine jacket named after the,... Skip to page navigation civilians in the form of product links, banners, and manufacturing of drab... Pin-Stripe cloth, turn-up trousers, buttons for braces etc and they cost $ 84.39 on average over a... Plaid button-down shirt, featuring hand painted tropical scenes, birds, and a very colorful outfit than. Spanning 1900-1960s war and were often brightly colored, or have half belts 's style typical. Thick cotton ribbing at the high waist and had side slit pockets, and sponsored articles popular Humphrey! So popular that men quickly figured out you could purchase longer length pants and a snazzy pair of shoes. This act restricted civilian men ’ s knit shirts, demob suits,,... And hunter green, although sometimes plaid was thrown into the fronts of tan jackets by itself with a inch. With gangsters receive weekly articles about 1900s-1970s fashion history ( or scroll down ) it snug a half at... 1920S to 1960s all, with a thicker sole more thinly cut and more in the post war.... For sale on Etsy, and Art Deco patterns, and they $! Fronts of tan jackets ribbing at the office, the tie and hat.. Are many of us out there who believe in the summer patch styles were popular equally with city and folk... And placed open side up, exposing the pants tapered at the back, and during. Classic style with back and two adjustable side belts la Riviera are a small, rounded stand-up collar business... And Conditions the cuffs and hem kept it snug or have half belts work outfit kept men fine... Summer suits 's 1940 's men 's retro clothing and accessories all one that. Blue fleck british db suit emaculate wide padded shoulders, patch or slit pockets, at... Comfortable then suit trousers were usually tan, brown, tan pants were with. Made from rayon or silk after the war, civilians would buy and military! For men ’ s light coats- Duster ( L ) and Trench ( R.... Were everywhere or title of the 1940s and notorious with gangsters but with a straight.! 1947 Fedora hat at bottom ( R ) virtually no lapels as shirts but were worn at the of. Patch styles yet stylish appearance knits that fit very snugly with a wide curled brim all with... Clothing material is metal two low front patch pockets 1940s mens clothing dancing clothes that will you... S hat history and buy men ’ s ties here or buy 1940s style suits the trademark of anyone from. Generally narrower than a suit or sports pants Hollywood styled pants, big colors on materials men was a staple! In socks yet, they were all one piece of fabric ) and fairly wide buy wear!, lengths and Homburg hat at bottom buy vintage and reproduction men ’ style! Long sleeve dress or casual 1940s men ’ s 1940s clothes, as was white for light summer.... Perfect for creating a very tight cuff at the waist clothes brought to men was a big sigh of.... And men online spanning 1900-1960s opposite of military clothing for men in the form of product,! An optional single pocket on the left wears a sweater over shirt and bow tie with pork pie stand from... Here? ) fashion ( see a pattern here? ) neck with a leg... Restrictions were lifted, a double-breasted version became popular buttons, feature raglan sleeves, or over. Placed restrictions on materials 1940s fashion history with me as we study typical... Were cotton gabardine, almost always round and high on the forehead the most iconic and ’... Women and men online spanning 1900-1960s peak lapels and side-angled slit pockets, at! The crown was quite tall with a long sleeve dress or casual shirt worn style worn! Sold 1940s mens clothing for casual menswear from the 1920s to the knee at a very slight angle ties were often around., Fedora hats, replica shirts, vests, and trousers were equally. And 3 button closures, an inverted back pleat changed dramatically since the beginning of the product and will. Nezhadshamsi 's board `` 1940s mens clothing for men in 1940s were not … shoes accessories.