מצאתי דאתי לידי אלו השלשה הדכמות משלשה גאוני מצוקי ארץ For him any praise would be silence. And it discusses all the good traits and all the mitzwoth practiced. And the following Torah for instance Bechatzotzroth/On the trupets (in Ch. "And let the pleasantness of Hashem our God be on us, and establish the works of our hands upon us" (Ps. 58; LM II:8 ↑ Likutei Moharan II #8, Tikunei Hazohar #21, daf 51b, et al. ולהשומע תבוא עליו ברכת טוב: And how supreme are the desire and longing on the side of holiness. To hint to them from afar and from close, to show them advices and strategies deep and wondrous. A combined edition was printed in 1821. And behold, even though the things are open and somewhat understood according to the simple meaning of the words, despite this the things are still secluded, for "kiflayim letushiyya/Torah wisdom is manifold" [Job. ^ Sichot HaRan #6. E.g. ויושב בישיבה איש אלקים מופת הדור עטרת תפארת ישראל חסידא סבא קדישא הכ"ד המדבר לכבוד התורה יום ה' ך' שבט תקס"ח לפ"ק [I King 8:60], And behold, words of the lips can in no way suffice. Meshatefim/Partnering with the angels and with mankind in dealing out;[23] שהטעמתי האירו עיני וראיתי שאין צריך להסכמותי ובפרט שכבר הסכימו גדולי Nekabel/We shall accept the bad and the good in love, and be dressed for Father eternally. Likutei Moharan is the magnum opus of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810), and is a collection of his formal lessons. כאשר הנה בידינו, אמרתי מאת ה' היתה זאת ידידיי ה"ה הרב המאור הגדול בנן של קדושים מופת הדור גדול מרבן שמו נודע 40a]. האלה, בכתיבת ידם וחתימתם ממש. Until there is no matter of mitzvah or holiness and good advice that every person in the world needs at each and every level, that is not mentioned in his holy and awesome book. ומרוב ענוותנותו העצום. Likutei Moharan by Nachman of Breslov, translated from Hebrew by Wikisource 1. As we heard from his holy mouth obm: he said that whoever will honestly look at this book, the strands of doubts in his heart will definitely open and he become a complete ba`al teshuvah/returnee. Especially when they do them for a thing in holiness, for instance clapping during prayer or for rejoicing in a mitzvah, and so forth. ^ Likutey Moharan II, 24. [Yaakov Yitzchak of Lublin, Israel of Kozhnitz, Avraham Chayim of Zlatchov, Efraim Zalman Margaliot of Brod, Meir of Brod, ...] Why did you not have mercy on yourself. רוב ההסכמות. ^ Spero, Ken (26 January 2002). ולמספר ימיך אמלא לפ"ק בראד. To make it easy for the reader to find what he seeks. Of humility. Read the text of Likutei Moharan online with commentaries and connections. And the body, perhaps now comes its day? לדידי ולא לדכוותי. זקוקין דנורא ובעורין דאשא אשר לקט במאמרים אומר לגלגולת איהו יאה And all this is because of nonsense, that it does not know of its own strength. יעקב יצחק במוהר"ר אברהם אליעזר הלוי הורוויץ: הסכמת האדם הגדול בענקים, בהיר הוא בשחקים כבוד הרב הגאון האמיתי זקן הקרב יירא לנפשו מחמת תנינים וראש פתנים. The first part (teachings 1-286) was printed in 1808 in Ostrog, still during the life of the author. כי גופך חלש ודל. Milim/Words they tell always, and their conducts never contradict. What will you answer the One who sends you a davar/word/thing? For sometimes a man is inspired on this path or that devotion by this light of the Torah. Of fasting. Nevuah/Prophecy is no longer with us. And of clapping and dancing. That the essence of his holy intent in each Torah that he revealed, and in each utterance that went from his holy mouth, it was only in order to bring merit to Yisrael, bringing them to straight deeds. Consisting of man, many rooms. היום יום גימל כ"ו ימים לחודש טבת תקס"ח לפ"ק פה לובלין: כ"ד האוהבו הגם ולא באתי במשפט על כל נעלם, תמן מתלין מתליא ארייוותא קומיכון ואתון etc. And in the Torah "`Al-asher me`altem/Because you trespassed" (#44) he explains that vigorous prayer nullifies pride, restlessness and foreign thoughts in prayer. "`Ir giborim `alah chakham, vayored `oz mivtechah/A wise man scales the city of the mighty, and brings down the strength in which it trusts"[4]. אפרים זלמן מרגליות מבראד זצלה"ה בעהמ"ח שו"ת בית אפרים וס' פרי תבואה Of awe and love. Likutei Tefillot (Collected Prayers) — 210 direct and heartfelt prayers based on the concepts in Likutei Moharan. In many different ways, new and awesome. As the tzaddik is of central importance in Judaism and especially Breslov, and as the book is about Rabbi Nachman's life and Rabbi Nachman and his followers held himself to be the tzaddik hador (tzaddik of the era), Chayey Moharan is an extremely important Jewish book. For instance the Torah that begins, "Emor el-haKohanim" (in Ch. אוזן שומעת מחליל ותופת. And see also in other places in the Zohar and the Ketavim/Kabbalistic writings among the Chatzdei Chaqla/Harvesters of the Field. Hatorah/The holy Torah protects us from all the impurities. Nichbe/Hidden in them are the lights of their vessels. Fortunate is the man who finds wisdom and the man who brings out discernment to thoroughly understand the simple meaning of the these things taught in this holy book. etc. And of each item and topic that he discusses, he usually it discusses it many times; and each time in a different style, in another way of goodly advice. גדול הוא בתורה ובחסידות. Merirat/The bitterness of the afflictions, they judged how to pour them out. אמנם לאהבת האמת Raise your sweet voice in songs and acknowledgment. From the inception of the point of creation, which is the beginning of the Emanation, unto the last point of the physical World of Action that a man stands upon, every man according to his place and level at that hour and season. Of faith and faith in the Sages. Nimtza Hamechuyav/The Obligatory Being [14] spoke with him at every instance, and he separated from his wife [15]. 2:14). Niflaim/Wonderful and extraordinary in their colors and in their natures. For we must enclothe them, and reveal them, in order to bring them into this world. אבל נפשי הפקחת וחזקה. Rebbe Nachman teaches in the 24 th lesson in Likutei Moharan, part one, that there is a spiritual light called the infinite light, which is above all of the different levels of a person’s soul. The son of David will come and redeem us, and bring us up in joy to our land, and build our Holy Home and Pride soon in our days, Amen so be His will. For whoever inspects and puts his heart to these words will judge fairly, that it is impossible to attain these things from a full belly. אלו And do not be like the great elephant. And in a place where where a break was called for, they combined and mingled the material together. Likutei Moharan by Nachman of Breslov, translated from Hebrew by Wikisource Likutei Moharan Tinyana (II) "Taste and see that Hashem is but good." דלמטה כי בלא זה ליקום בארור אשר ישיג וכו'. Razin/Secrets, and hints of hints. And in many places they still needed to repair the language for the second edition, and because of the urgency to print, it was printed according to what was written previously in the first version. A 2015 edition by publisher Nekodah Tovah includes, besides all the omissions (except one), an appendix Kuntres haHosafoth (Tract of Appendi) compiled by R' Shmuel Horowitz (1903-1973) consisting of 307 paragraphs, in sections ranging from stories of the Baal Shem Tov (related to R' Nachman's birth), to Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, to his followers, to manuscripts by the Tcheriner Rav. All of them have utterly great, wondrous and awesome depth. The plague, God save us, that was then in that land, and then immediately war sounds, so they couldn't be sure of their lives for a day. 43:3). And I have marked all of their citations with Hashem Yithbarakh's help, "where is the place of their glory" (liturgy). For aren't all the words of this holy book like fire and like a hammer splitting rock. It arouses the sleeping, awakens dozing, strengthens the weary, informs the man of the greatness of his potential, that it is in his hand and power to merit to all these. In other words, it is for the generations that are yet to come. MOHaRaN is acrostic for Moreinu V'Rabeinu Harav Rabbi Nachman meaning "Our Master and Teacher, Rabbi Nachman.". לפי השעה הנחוצה. "To make mankind know His might" [Ps. And by it one attains straightening out crookedness in the heart, and merits to do the mitzvoth joyously from the mitzvah itself etc. And Hosha`na Rabba and Shemini `Atzereth and Simchath Torah. אספקלריא המאירה, לו נפתחו שערי אורה בנגלה ובנסתר וידיו רב לו תהלתו And as explained in the Zohar: "Behai chibura de'ihu sefer HaZohar yifqun beh min galuta/With this compilation, which is the Book of the Zohar, they [the Israelites] will go out from exile."[26]. On time he connect and ties together guarding the Berith/Covenant whereby one attains faith, which is is the aspect of Shabbath, whereby the charity and the Torah are made whole etc., and then one attains holy longing, to be someone with a soul, and then all this eating is in the aspect of lechem hapanim/the Shewbread etc., as explained in the Torah "Ith lan bira bedabra/We have a hole in the wilderness" (#31). A formação da casca. Serving Hashem in wondrous self sacrifice day and night non-stop, no quiet and no rest from His Blessed service in the most utterly great and awesome wisdom and perception, as "your eyes will behold equity" [Ps. Nitzanim/Buds and flowers and shoots. Mah/"What has the Almighty done,"[20] ask the angels, and they run in their dispatches as a shooting star. We can touch it so to speak, but then it slips away. In accord with the sweet pleasure of the intelligence and depth in every matter and virtually every utterance. Therefore I saw and set it in my heart to repair many places and expand and explain more. Malkeinu/Our King, each and every one will point to with a finger of flesh. גוזר בגזירת התורה לבל יסיג שום אדם מגבול שגבלו הראשונים עשרה שנים מיום Approbation of the rav, the luminary, our maestro and teacher, the great rabbi, the holy crown glory of Yisrael, the holy lamp, light of the Seven Days, light shining in the heavens, light pure and refined, hidden and concealed light, holy of holies, known unto all ends of the land, for renown and praise, our teacher Yaakov Yitzchak of Lublin, Z"TzLLHH, author of Divrei Emet and other books: הסכמת הרב המאוה"ג הקדוש עטרת תפארת ישראל מנורה הטהורה אור שבעת הימים And wherever is his greatness — and his high and lofty and wisdom, which "his hand has gotten much" [Job. Shir/The new song az yashir/then we will sing. This too should be known, that the first volume was printed unexpectedly without my presence as mentioned, when Rabbeinu obm was in the community of Lemberg. לחם סתרים ינעם. For this alone was his holy intention, to arouse the sleeping and awaken the dozing, to straighten the hearts of mankind our brothers the children of Yisrael to Him, Yithbarakh, to say to the bounded "go out" and to those in darkness "go in the open,"[5] to give sight to blind eyes[6], and to extract the prisoners into temperate conditions[7], to bring out the prisoners from the dungeon, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison-house[8], those trapped in their cravings, and those captured in their vanities, and those outcast in their transgressions, to turn their hearts to the Blessed One, to return them to Hashem in truth in the straight way prepared for them, in the way that their fathers since long ago went. For he was beset in those days with many kinds of affliction and danger, frequently continuously. כאלו אשר להם דומיה תהלה. And one who inspects honestly, and whoever has a brain in his head, will by himself discern the depth of the things, which are wider and deeper than the sea, higher than the sky, and deeper than the depths, and whoever wants to taste the honey sweetness of these pleasant utterances, needs to go deep with an honest look, with extreme perusal finely examining to discern the thing from tokhnatho/its [application, content?] Nafshoteinu/Our soul is one, and does not stray to their abundance of images. We try to obtain it, but we really cannot. ארוצה. Like I heard from his holy mouth obm, one time he said, "In my Torah there is great depth." And [why did you] forget the oman/craftsman/nurse who raised you, and fed you sweets, and clothed you in crimson. ^ "Likutei Moharan" II, 68. And regarding music and instruments and "the ten types of song." For in writing, because of the speed of his holy mind, he took from or added in relation to what went from his mouth during the lecture. The 1982 edition by Agudat Meshekh HaNachal, Jerusalem, introduced an overall numbering system which labeled all the paragraphs from one to 613, whereas previously each of the approximately 19 sections had their own paragraph numberings starting from one; and this one-to-613 numbering has become prevalent in subsequent editions. of this person himself who is hinted and concealed in this verse, who is the Tanna Yohai. مسیحیت. Likutey Moharan The Likutey Moharan, Rebbe Nachman’s masterpiece consists of his main teachings delivered throughout his lifetime. Mibrit/From the holy covenant they flee, regarding which it is said himol yimol/circumcise, circumcise. Likewise the mitzwoth of Sukkah and the four species. And how many decrees passed upon him (harpatka'oth d`adu `alaw, R"H 16a) on that trip. And echoes. [6][7] R' Shmuel for many years collected stories and writings from Rabbi Abraham Chazan (1849-1917), son of Rabbi Nachman Chazan of Tulchin. Especially given the enormous controversy that has assailed him due to our many sins, and we have seen because of our many sins the fulfillment of, "The truth has been cast down on the earth" (Dan. Halakhah and kabbalah. Rather, “for those who are here standing with us today and for those who are not here with us today” (devarim 29:14). Nafshotam/Their souls are many, and too their points of view; and fickle are their reasonings. והצצתי ראשי פרקים. There you will see and discern from afar the great enormity of the hidden secrets in all the movements that mankind perform. Melekh/The King in Yeshurun[18] is with our religion like two inseparable siblings. برائے پروٹسٹنٹ، this is the 66-book canon – یہودی تنک of 24 books divided differently (into 39 books) and the universal 27-book عہد نامہ جدید۔ Of sexual craving, craving money and craving food. And of blemish of speech. And behold, according to the depth of each and every utterance, it would have been proper to write every time "duq/examine it carefully" or "haven/discern" or "`ayyen heitiv/take a good look," and such expressions that tell the reader to put his eye's attention there to thoroughly discern. חדשים להביא תחת מכבש הדפוס מחמת כמה טעמים הכמוסים אשר בלבי חקוקה אך And you, bare and naked, the wine of your drink-feast reversed to a drink-feast of tears. ↑ Likutei Moharan II #8, Tikunei Hazohar #21, daf 51b, et al. O termo cascas passou por muitas transformações e desenvolvimentos. In a way of freshness and pleasantness, and in explanations that are pleasant and wonderful and sweet to the palate, in the way of wisdom and taste, debate and reason, and in the way of life, wise guiding exhortations that burn like fire to the heart of heaven. מאמרים אשר בש"ס שהמה סתומים וצריכים לדורשם ואף שלא היה לי פנאי לעיין בראד יע"א: נאום הק' מאיר בא"א מ"ו הגאון המנוח מו"ה צ"ה זללה"ה חפ"ק הנ"ל והגליל יצ"ו: הסכמת הרב הגאון המובהק המפורסם בכל קצוי ארץ וים רחוקים, האדם הגדול It became more widely known to Anglophones with the publication of its translation, titled Tzaddik, by Breslov Research Institute, in 1987. The junior, NATHAN son of my lord my father our great teacher Rav NAFTHALI HERTZ of Greater Nemyrev, son-in-law of the Rabbi, the sage, the renowned pious man, our teacher Rabbi David Tzvi, head of rabbinical court in the holy community Sharhorod, and in the holy community Kremenetz and its environs, and in the holy community Mohyliv, God protect him and keep him. Marpeh/Who heals all sickness and man of pains, blind and lame. And also because we have known, we have known, the enormity of the controversy. שאלין לתעליא אפס כי עז אהבתי כמים רבים לא יוכלו לכבות. For example, in the Torah "Bechatzotezroth/On the trumpets" (#5), there he explains that vigorous prayer is like thunder. And there are many wondrous advices to come to happiness. לא אבה להדפיסם. Because masses of sheets will not suffice to speak and tell the praise of the loftiness of one Torah from this holy book. פה ק"ק זלאטשוב: הק' אברהם חיים בהרב מוהר"ר גדליה זלה"ה: הסכמת הרב הגאון החסיד המפורסם החריף ובקי בחדרי תורה, המאיר עיני חכמים לכן הנני גוזר בגזירת המפורסם הבעש"ט זלה"ה איש חמודות, וזרעו לברכה זרע קודש שמם ומעשיהם Of the entire Oral Torah and Written Torah. And sometimes he his not inspired to this by that Torah, but only via a different Torah. And every Torah discusses specific things that are not mentioned in the next Torah, nor any other. And thereby one attains speech that illumines for repentance, till we attain understandings of the Torah in its depths. Marchikin/They distance and remove from all the delights, those whose paths are entangled,[21] חבר אני לכל And speaks of the greatness of the Blessed Creator and the wonders of His creatures, triumphs in its song to mention wonders of the sweetness of pleasantness of the pleasures of the Coming World and its delights for all who merit them, and the shir sheyit`ar le`atid/song that will be awakened in the future [10]. Notzetzim/Sparking gemstones and jewels in their depths. Hamavet/Death will be triumphantly swallowed, [and] go up as a smoke-column of fragrance. And whoever's heart is smooth, and has no desire in understanding the holiness of this book, these words of mine will not help. להדפיסם, ויכתבו בספר ויוחקו יתנו עדיהן ויצדקו: (כ"ז מועתק מהדפסה שני') And of receiving the Torah on Shavuoth. To only be utterly persistent in His Blessed service. Of the Three Festivals in general, and separately each Festival by itself. "Hen hen gevurotaw, hen hen nora'othaw/ [But] this in fact is his strength; this indeed is his awesomeness [Yoma 69b], that the hand of his holy, high and lofty intellect could grasp in order to enclothe and bring down such high and awesome things as these. According to what I heard from his holy mouth. And the loftiness of the land of Israel. ועל ספיר It became more widely known to Anglophones with the publication of its translation, titled Tzaddik… וגולתיה יאה. In the introduction, R. Moshe Mykoff says he has omitted only two; R. Yaakov Siegel believes there are three omissions. It is all linked and interconnected, end to start and start to end, and also center to sides. Which includes many matters with a few words, "the little holding the much" [9]. And how lofty crying before Hashem Yithbarakh. Nichsefa/Hoping always to return to its root to be lavud [considered joined as one while separated by space]. As the tzaddik is of central importance in Judaism and especially Breslov, and as the book is about Rabbi Nachman's life and Rabbi Nachman and his followers held himself to be the tzaddik hador (tzaddik of the era), Chayey Moharan is an extremely important Jewish book. That he should pour out his heart like water befofe Hashem, that he should be privileged to draw close to His Blessed service. Chazaq v'nitchazek/Be strong and let us be strengthened. Up to here are our few words that strengthen much. הכ"ד המדבר לכבוד התורה ולומדיה אור ליום ג' כ"ה לחודש שבט תקס"ח פה ק"ק And all the words of this holy book are full of good and awesome advices. הלכתי בגדולות ובנפלאות ממני ליתן הסכמה על ספרים חדשים. אמנם מדאגה מדבר פן יקום איש And also of the entire 613 mitzvoth of the Torah with their branches and all the Rabbinic mitzvoth. Of commerce in good faith. And vice versa the bitterness of the pain and the blunting of teeth of those who are outcast from then and forgo a loss that does not come back. Namely, each and every Torah of this holy book's words speaks of many, many particular things, of many, many good traits, of many, many mitzwoth of our holy Torah, and of distancing from bad traits. And both together are given in this holy compilation. And each time in a new, wondrous and awesome way and connection. And nevertheless this is a vain utterance. Rebbe Nachman's magnum opus is the two-volume Likutei Moharan (Collected [Lessons] of Our Teacher and Rabbi, Nachman), a collection of 411 lessons displaying in-depth familiarity and understanding of the many overt and esoteric concepts embedded in Tanakh, Talmud, Midrash, Zohar and Kabbalah. For his entire holy intent was only that we try to understand the service and the advices that proceed from each Torah. And of distancing from depression. Combined edition printed in 5581 /1821 in Breslov. אל תמנע טוב מבעליו כו' וזכות הצדיקים הק' יגינו עלינו ועל כל ישראל ובא Chovrei/Spell-casters and magicians force them with their conjuring (lit. 17:2). Of prayer with vigor and direction, both the three daily prayers, and also how very lofty other prayers and supplications that one needs to do much of every day, to say many supplications and request. Nefilat/The fall of the countries from its winds. וכגמל אפלו כשמשכהו בחטמו העכבר לא יבעט בו. Draw your eyes to the height(s) and remember your old love. דקראי ואדגות דרבה בר בר חנה. Chen/The grace of the spirits of the droplets of Gan Eden are not lost from it. Simple, patient, yielding, and wholesome in his deeds. And his name of holiness [NACHMAN], and the name of his father [SIMCHAH] are stamped in the heads of the verses, doubled and tripled and quadrupled[12]: Nimusei/The rituals of the religions are all not comparable with our religion. And in the Torah "Tehomoth yechassyumu/The depths covered them" (#9) he explains that vigorous prayer, from it we receive the essence of vitality, and set up all the worlds, the bottom, second, and the third. מוהר"ר נחמן × "י ובקש שאסכים על הדפסת ספרו הקדוש וראיתי בו ובמעט דבש Before this, he had been personally engaged in the printing of Rabbi Nachman's works, but then his printing activities became hampered due to opposition and the book was not printed in his lifetime, but remained in the hand of disciples. To in no case ever leave his place, for "Chasdhei Hashem lo-tamnu welo-kalu rachamaw/Hashem's kindness has not ended, nor has his goodness ceased," ever. Bri'at/The Creation of the land and its planet, earths and countries, its surroundings. Only when very necessary to write some explanation or illustration, I displayed it enclosed in two half-moons in order to inform it is not his own wording z"l. I also toiled and found all the citations from all the verses of Tanakh and Rabbinic teachings obm, in Shas, Midrashim, the books of the Holy Zohar, Tikkunim, and Kitvei Arizal, which are very abundant in this book. That via the offspring of Yohai, who is Rabbi Shimon Ben Yohai — through him the Torah will not be forgotten from Israel — because the end-letters in this verse " For he speaks of the entirety of it all, in general and in particular. Because via the seed of Yohai who is hinted in this verse in the end-letters as mentioned, who is Rashbi — through him the Torah will not be forgotten, because "BeZohar da yifqun min galuta/In this Zohar they will go out from exile[26]," as mentioned: The Holy Zohar (III 273A) states “HaShem, Torah and Israel are One.” See also Songs 5:2 where God calls to Binah/Kenesset Yisrael as "sister. 59:15), as it is made into flock and flocks (`ADaRim `ADaRim) (Sanh. The infinite light of Hashem. Moshe went up on high, clothed in cloud; [13]. Chiyuv/The obligation of one's understanding is beneficial for knowing the Creator who forms all these all these formations.