And you may (if necessary after clipping frayed broken tips) see a true revelation happening…! It may be fading it a little bit faster, just not noticeably. But just came cross to this article, make me wondering one thing. Would the oil be a better option? We typically say to wait at least 8 months after henna to use any chemical dye as it can burn into the hair causing a permanent green color to set in. I want MY hair back. Just protect your pillowcases and use dark towels. what ever you do, DO NOT get a perm (ammonium thioglycolate will react with the metals and melt your hair off) or use regular (like revlon or clairol) hair color until the henna has grown out and been cut off of your hair. With the auburn henna color, my grey roots are showing. I have porous hair from the color treatments. If you apply the henna all over it may turn too dark on the ends of your hair again. You need to wait 6-8 weeks after henna treatment to do chemical treatment. If you would like a red tint to your hair I would try using the red henna. Most clients are unhappy with henna results, and have discovered organic hair color options like Organic Way (Oway) and Original & Mineral (O&M). Good question. Are you using Black Henna or Black Chemical dyes? :-( I have had to shave off my massive beard – it’s now a tiny goatee and moustache. It has been about 2 and a half weeks since I did it. if yes how long should i wait for? Okay so first of all, I have been coloring my hair for 6 years now, I’m proud to be a woman of 55 years young. Yes that is true it is always smart to read the ingredients listed. When you do more to bleach out the indigo, your hair becomes damaged. then, we moved. Also, I use both olive and coconut oil after I henna my hair and it doesn’t make the henna leave my hair at all. By shampooing out as much as possible right away, you may be able to lighten up the color. Hi there, so i have henna-ed my hair… (twice) so the first time I did it was at the beginning of the summer (around June 10)and then the second time was (about July 20) i did both times with Persian red. I lost the foxy red :( I now have dark brown hair:( its boring…bought some pure red mm henna but nothing happened… Still dark do I get that beautiful deep amazing shade of red back ? Is there a way to go more coppery? What are your thoughts on this, Anthony? I used MM red for about 7 years and LOVED it. The back of my head is a darker brown. I can go back to blonde I suppose but ideally I want that bright coppery color…. You can certainly use the oil method to lighten the hair a little bit. I do have the silver gray natural color hair and would love to be able to finally show it off PLEASE help. It does not seem much different. The henna is always going to be a warm brown because of the henna in it. I want to age gracefully. I would either mix the old henna with only water and a pinch of sea salt until it is of yogurt consistency, apply to hair immediately, and let sit for 2-4 hours or I would use the new henna and follow the instructions exactly. Wash the henna out of your hair with your regular shampoo and leave the conditioning part. I have also read that using vodka on hair along with some other hair products will lessen the color. Good afternoon, I just came upon this article about removing-henna-hair-color-naturally. Either henna over chemical dyes, or especially, chemical dyes over henna’d hair. I hope this helps! But there are also many well-known, well-used, safe and ethically labeled packaged hair hennas. I’ve understand your stuff Hi! You can find him on Google+. With Henna, you can’t use Henna until 3 months after chemically dyeing your hair and you cannot chemically dye your hair until at least 3 months AFTER Henna due to this fact, that it will turn colors as a reaction to the ammonia in the chemical dye. Squeezing it to get the rinse out, but avoid wringing your hair. I’ve used differnt brands like Surya for about 3-4 years but this brand contains some other plants like indigo and amala. Make sure you do a strand test with the hair on your brush to see what color it will end up. This only works on henna’d hair. Hi, so I henna’d my hair a few times with Rainbow Henna from Whole Foods thinking, “Oh I’d love to have darker hair, what could go wrong with this all-natural treatment?” Well, I looked online to make sure I could chemically have my hair lightened after two and a half months of having henna’d hair, and the official Rainbow Henna said it would be fine, but turns out the chemical dye from the hair salon turned my highlighted lighter strands green. It is a mousy brown. Hi! So when I use the oils it will take the henna out but then I would still have to lighten my hair because of the red color I had applied on my hair before the henna. Oil will slowly remove all of it. I recommend trying several more applications and seeing if that helps. I’ve been using the MM light brown to cover my gray and for overall conditioning. I’ve been using mm in medium brown for a year now and love that my hair is chemical free now. Henna, especially henna compromised with metals and chemicals, can lead to odd things when it comes to chemicals. (without them turning green). Thank you! I would sometimes when you use henna it can be very unpredictable. If you have been using Henna for a long time, a clarifyng treatment to remove mineral salts from hair may be helpful. OMG ur tips r awsome….so here is my story if u happens to read it i did red henna one month and a half now and i didnt like it so i bleache d it only one problem now my hair was half orange half yellow not even blonde! Thank you! I had been applying henna to my hair. So my question is, what about Indigo? This way your hair strands spread and flows easily in the water. You might also want to get a shower filter, they are great for places with hard water. We recommend the oil treatment to remove henna. In the Summer, I use my henna treatment as a replacement for my mid-week CO wash and don't wash until 3 days later, as usual for my wash schedule. For some of us, this is a “back to the future” situation that we … I still have dark hair and can clearly see the henna and indigo still there. Our black henna contains indigo and no chemicals. It works best when applied to white or very light greys. It has always been a vibrant auburn color that everyone has complimented over the years. Don’t buy it and then keep it around forever – it will lose its potency. But be careful. How much coconut oil in proportion to olive oil? Is that correct? Is henna is permanent ?? To be honest, I am not quite sure what lawsonia is, but to be safe I would wait those 2 months. Use a lot of conditioner to help with the process. I am still wondering if using alcohol before the treatment could improve its efficacy, but less willing to try that now that I know the oils alone can work. Which oil treatment should I order to remove the black hanna color on my hair and where to order it? I haven’t heard of any natural lighteners that would be able to take you to blonde. Our luxurious Moroccan henna powder that, The liquid gold of Morocco - Argan Oil ✨ After two days, I wash my hair like I normally would. You may have somewhat of an ombre effect, as the colors won’t match exactly, but it will be less noticeable than the current grey. I have read your comment, and I believe we have a few things to discuss. The more fresh a henna stain is, the easier it will be to remove, so try to treat the stain as soon as possible with the steps below.¹ And if I was to strip my hair to my old blonde hair would it burn my hair or be fine. My hair is waist length so cutting it is not in my book of viable options. Last time I did it was a few months ago. I get tons of compliments on my two toned hair so if I just keep this path it is fine…but I’m curious what my options are. I am most likely just use to the smell. If your hair is currently black, you will not be able to achieve a light brown color with henna. Unfortunately we cannot comment on the effectiveness of this treatment with non-Morrocco Method henna. Will this method still work for me? and i still have red hair. No chemicals used during any proces. I am very sad by this. ( the colour i want my hair to be is chesnut colour ) I think that the two processes may have made the hair frizz. Some people believe that because henna coats the hair strand that no amount of moisturization can reach it. You want to wait atleast 8-10 weeks after using our henna to use chemical colors to lighten your hair. Could I use the oil treatment to fade the auburn henna resulted color. There are certain antioxidants you can mix it with that will help keep the color from darkening too much. It is advised to wait the 6-8 weeks before getting it professionally colored because there can be some remnants of the henna still on your hair which will prevent the coloring to take full effect. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is really a terrific site. Use lukewarm water as before. – No matter which kind!! That being said, please do contact Essnesity to ask their opinion. Our e mail is Swish your hair around and move your fingers through your hair until all of it is moving freely in the water. i want to dye my hair with an ammonia free hairdye (olia -garnier). Is there a recommend time frame as to length of time henna fades and when I can apply the light brown. the water here is so hard my henna is brassy. It changed from a dark blond/very light brown shade to a beautiful red (more orange at the tips), stronger with every dying session. We cannot guarantee that the Oil will be able to fade chemical dyes as they are not the same as Henna. Is 8 months long enough to wait? Thank you for your message. Thank you so much! i have been using color oops and oil and blonde hair dye and i have successfully removed all of the henna on my hair expect for my roots. Good Afternoon Grace. I have been dying my hair with heena for the past 5 years, the heena js said to bw purely natural, what they call as ‘desi’ and not the synthetic one. I have been reading that honey, water and cinnamon could be applied to create highlights to the ends of my hair. But that's in large part because that's when I'd next wash my hair anyway, some do use shampoo right away to help wash it out, or the next day. Henna lasts 8-12 weeks and how your hair will look after Henna fades is entirely dependant upon the type of person and hair color as everyone is different. hey its me again, so I was thinking about getting a perm but my hairstylist says it will not work because of the henna hair dye, so I saw wondering do I need to grow the henna out or do I need to use the oils to remove as much as possible so I can get a perm( if so how many weeks)? We realized this was our own fault. Yes they can be drying. You mentioned putting chemical dyes on top of your henna, ok. Be careful though, most chemical dyes have ammonia in them and when this interacts with some henna having metallic salts in it, the reaction can be green, burnt, permanent hair. The dye worked fine on most of my hair and hid almost ALL of the henna. It works but the gray comes in fast and furious and I have to recolor about every 3 weeks. Shampoo, then dry your hair. Or should I do the roots only as suggested to someone previously. All of the above should be applied to clean, dry hair. :). – the solution to this is to get the (otherwise beneficial) oil treatment rinsed out properly! No red at it. My family does not like the color. I loved it and it kept my hair super healthy, but I wanted to dye my hair blue. Just like the article stated it turned to an unpredictable color. Use cold water for rinsing out and just use plain water. if it wont, why? Started henna. Hi! I wanted to know if you’ve heard of this method? The truth is that henna requires much less care when washing your hair than traditional dyes. :). After 15 minutes, wash your hair with the the shampoo for hard water. I wish us both luck!! I’ve just tried it with an olive oil, coconut oil and sesame oil mix, left in for 2 hours. It contained natural indigo, natural henna, red clay, alma gooseberry, and shikakia fruit. I’ve tried the oil method several times but there’s been no change in the bright orange/red color. It possibly has indigo in it as well, which is fine. I have dyed my hair henna red for over 10 years.