Provisioning an Android device using NFC. Provisioning Android Enterprise work profile devices. In the Sophos NFC Provisioning app, configure the following settings:. Introduced in Android Lollipop (5.0), NFC offers the ability to tap a device against an NFC tag (or another Android device prior to Android 10) from the setup wizard in order to begin fully managed device provisioning. Both are NFC enabled. This process requires two devices: one that has the provisioning information and one to be provisioned. When provisioning from an NFC-enabled device, we recommend that the total file size not exceed 120 KB. Sophos NFC Provisioning helps administrators to mass enroll corporate-owned Android devices with Sophos Mobile. Essential apps only. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other communication modes are disabled on a new or factory-reset device. ... Near field communication (NFC) bump: The NFC bump enrollment method transfers data through between two devices using near-field communication. Time zone and language for the new devices. In Android 10 NFC bump provisioning is deprecated, and NFC tags are instead encouraged for NFC provisioning. In Android 10, QR codes and NFC data used for device provisioning can contain EAP config and credentials—including certificates. The devices are set up using the Android device owner provisioning mode, so that they are managed and kept secure by Sophos Mobile. Be aware that the larger the NFC file is, the longer it will take to transfer the provisioning file. Download Miradore NFC Provisioning apk 1.5 for Android. nfc Google introduced the provisioning method when Android 5.0 was released, it was generally designed to use NFC to provision. When a person scans a QR code or taps an NFC tag, the device automatically authenticates to a local Wi-Fi network using EAP and starts the provisioning process without any additional manual input. Download Sophos NFC Provisioning for Android to sophos NFC Provisioning helps administrators to mass enroll corporate-owned Android devices with Sophos Mobile. Active 11 months ago. Use NFC provisioning to send Wi-Fi and enrollment information from an enrolled Android Enterprise device to a new fully managed device. By default, only applications essential for correct operation of the profile should be enabled as part of provisioning a managed device. To confirm these uses-feature values have been defined on a device, run: adb shell pm list features. Viewed 246 times 0. Install Kiosk Browser Provisioner on a device that will not be running Kiosk Browser (source device). Connection details of your corporate Wi-Fi network. I have an android device with this app installed on it. Then have a second device that I have factory-reset. Ask Question Asked 11 months ago. NFC provisioning. And I am trying to provision the second device with a device owner application. Optional: The URL of the Self Service Portal. Provisioning from an NFC-enabled source device allows for larger provisioning packages than can be transferred using an NFC tag. App for provisiong Work managed devices to Miradore Online using NFC NFC Provisioning.