However, in truth, they have no official homeworld. The homeworld of the Thousand Sons was Prospero, a world populated by a small commune of outcast psykers. Chaos Warband Many of these Masters are psykers who specialise in studying the ways of Chaos, so that the Blood Ravens may better fight against the heretics, and who are believed to sometimes form up battle-squads of the Chapter's Librarians to lead into battle. This loss was a serious blow to the Chapter, robbing them of half their manpower in one defeat. Prospero During the pre-Heresy era, when the Great Crusade was underway, the Thousand Sons was the first legion to exhibit psychic powers and were the deadliest, the killiest of all the legions because on top of being Astartes, they extensively (and freely) used their psychic powers from all kinds of different disciplines a… Several possibilities have been presented by various interested parties, which can be found below. The Thousand Sons strive to learn this arcane language for the conjuration of Chaos entities and to bargain with daemons when they are summoned. The current Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens (and their general status) varies somewhat on which ending of Dawn of War II: Retribution is considered "true" (at this time there is no clearly official reckoning as to the 'true' conclusion of events). The current fan favorite is the Thousand Sons due to the Blood Ravens' high psychic potential and that the Pre-Heresy colour scheme of the Thousand Sons is very similar to the Blood Raven's current scheme. However, their rebellion was not openly showcased until the Space Wolves attacked the Thousand Sons Legion homeworld of Prospero. The analysis process may take days or even weeks, depending upon the reliability of the information acquired and the prior experience that the various Battle-Brothers might have with their opponents. Years later, an aged Angelos led the Blood Ravens to the world of Acheron, battling old enemies such as Macha and Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter for the legendary Spear of Khaine. high number of psykers and the use thereof) to the Thousand Sons that it … Instead of purging the flesh of ravening mutations, each of the Blood Ravens had been transformed. The moment the first Space Wolves Drop Pod hit the ground, the bolter fire coming from the traitorous members of the Corvidae Cult was the first indication the Thousand Sons had of the dark path their cousins and even their own brothers walked down. See more ideas about Space marine, Warhammer 40k miniatures, Warhammer. With a thoroughly compiled plan in hand, the Fellowship Captain presents it to the Chaos Space Marines participating in the mission. [11a], But this grand rebuilding was not to be. Kallista Eris hatte kurz vor der Schlacht von Prospero folgende Vision: "A million shards of glass, a million times a million. Such armoured assets have an aggressive spirit that drives it to ram, grind and crush. Thereafter, the Chapter became fleet based. This was when Magistus Amon, the 9th Fellowship Captain's undying hatred garnered for the rival Librarian Azariah Vidya grew a thousand-fold, as he watched the traitorous Thousand Son relentlessly murder his own brothers in order to aid the Space Wolves. Thousand Sons This re-emergence was orchestrated by the Black Legion, and it was only by the heroics of the Third and Fifth Companies that their plans to devastate Sub-sector Aurelia were thwarted. Not even their Chapter Master or Librarians can say with any certainty when the Blood Ravens were founded or from which of the First Founding Space Marine Legions the Chapter is descended.The Chapter's written records in its Librarium only go back to the … [14], In M41 the Blood Ravens homeworld of Aurelia emerged back into the Materium. Eventually, Azariah and his cohorts found their way to the Segmentum Solar, and arrived aboard the Phalanx just as the final epic battle known as the Siege of Terra commenced. Regardless of their sect or thrallband, almost all Blood Ravens bear the sigil of the silhouetted raven in flight, incorporated with a drop of blood within. Founding Linux Macintosh. When they come to the Spear they instead find a trap that frees a Bloodthirster and its Daemonic hordes. Warband Master Direct in-universe mentions are "scant"(read: nonexistent outside of C.S. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at All over Sub-sector Aurelia, outbreaks of mutation and other psychic phenomena were endemic. Though there were Blood Raven officers still disgusted and confused by the casting of the Rubric, they would re-unite when the 9th Fellowship, under the command of Magistus Amon, marched to their homeworld, intending on getting rid of the first and last traitors from the Thousand Sons Legion. The book Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned (Rick Priestly and Bryan Ansell, 1990) was the first book from Games Workshop to give a backstory for the Space Marines. Azariah had expected this however and had his Cabal of Sorcerers prepare a grand teleportation ritual to teleport all Blood Ravens, including their slaves and daemons, off of Aurelia and back to the Battle Barge they now referred to as The Litany of Fury. [[spoiler It was later reformed.]] However, he survives and leads an attack on the Temple of the Spear of Khaine that overruns both the Eldar and Ork forces. In this way, the Warband maintains the belief that they follow the philosophy and general directives of the Codex Astartes without being constrained by the fact that the text is 10,000 standard years in age. The Blood Ravens are established to have enough similarities in battle doctrine (i.e. A path trod to damnation that began with the abilities to predict such dire warnings. Dark Red, Black and White The Blood Ravens' warband icon is a silhouetted raven in flight as seen from above, incorporated with a stylized drop of blood within. This absence of information about a primarch has resulted in the Blood Ravens focusing their spiritual reverence on the Emperor. All forms of reconnaissance and any relevant historical or psychological resources are fully utilised in the course of this exhausting research. Multiple xenos threats - including a considerable invasion by a Tyranid splinter fleet and a concurrent Ork Waaagh! These talented psykers are expected to use their talents to also plumb the depths of the Warp for additional information upon their foes and to conduct any divinations that might be appropriate. [2d], Currently, the Blood Ravens are reckoned to be on the verge of extinction, having lost their Chapter Master and a good part of their Chapter (either literally or to Chaos) in the decade-lasting Aurelian Crusade. When Amon and his Fellowship fell upon the planet, they were terrified when they witnessed their former brothers autonomously unleashed a torrent of unholy bolter fire without a second thought. Their uncanny abilities to predict enemy attacks or invasions has helped them warn or respond well before other Imperial organisations have even been made aware of them. Lead by Librarian Azariah Vidya, these rebels joined the Arch-Traitor Rogal Dorn's cause during the Dornian Heresy, lured by the promise of a cure for the dreaded "Flesh Change" that had been haunting their Legion for so long. Vidya, already said to be an expert in the ways of the Ruinous Powers, turned to both research and guile to achieve victory; researching and documenting the enemies' movements, tactics and histories for clues, as well as using his Space Marine and Imperial Guard forces to probe enemy lines, strengths and reactions. [2d], Azariah Vidya is reputed to have been a member of the Chapter during its first years. A summation of these incidences and their implications follows: Blood Ravens Index Astartes entry - GW website,, The Blood Ravens are established to have enough similarities in battle doctrine (i.e. [2e], In M40 the Great Unclean One Ulkair was unleashed upon the Blood Ravens homeworld of Aurelia. And yet, the energies released sealed all the joints of their power armour as it burned their bodies. For example, Gabriel Angelos is either Chapter Master or deceased.[1]. They cry out for salvation and knowledge, but it is denied!" Others bind daemonic entities into the metallic fabric of the vehicles, entrapping them in its mystical urn. It is important to note that the Blood Ravens' histories are completely absent before the M37 date; they are not just spotty or fragmentary records. Of particular import are the actions of the 3rd Company under Gabriel Angelos on the world of Tartarus, where the Alpha Legion (as well as various xenos forces) were combated[3], the multi-company force commanded by Captain Davian Thule who had to deal with Word Bearers interference during a complex mission primarily directed against a Necron threat on the world of Kronus[4], and perhaps most critically, the failed Kaurava campaign commanded by Captain Indrick Boreale, in which a full 5 Companies of the Blood Ravens were lost.[5]. And its not just the Thousand Sons and the Blood Ravens. To one schooled in symbology, the history and allegiance of each warrior becomes clear at a glance. The rest of the Chapter serves onboar… However, it is important to note that all are from the same company. Space Marines were first introduced in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader (1987) by Rick Priestley, which was the first edition of the tabletop game.. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. All broken, all shattered glass. The books feature a good amount of action and intrigue, but if you like reading more about the lore of the Space Marines, you get a good amount of description and exposition a It took me a … Their cult icon was a black raven's head. This page was last edited on 10 January 2021, at 19:55. To this end, they have developed friendly interactions with the Adeptus Mechanicus and have often been assigned to Explorator missions to unknown/unexplored areas of the galaxy as a result. When their souls attempted to depart their ruined bodies, they found themselves trapped inside their armour; dead, yet still alive, without a body but unchanging for all eternity. In M38 the entire 5th company was recorded as having been lost in the Warp, but the truth of the matter may be far darker; it is whispered that one of the company Librarians was seduced by the lure of the ruinous powers, and turned his fellow brethren to Chaos. While direct in-universe mentions of a connection between the Blood Ravens and the Thousand Sons is scant, a significant amount of allusion is made to the subject in a variety of sources. The lost sons and a Raven of blood. It was initially implied that the Blood Ravens came from the world of Cyrene, as it was the only planet known to have any Blood Raven activity when they were first introduced into the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Cult icon of the Thousand Sons' Corvidae Cult. Not just C.S. Through the course of a given battle, the Blood Ravens almost always adhere rigidly to their plans. one of the companies were named the corvidae (corvidae-corvus-raven). [11a], The Blood Ravens of fact, not of legend, are driven by the need to discover the truth about their origins, as well as the philosophy of the gaining of knowledge. Those who prefer a clear-cut approach to battle have branded the Blood Ravens as cowards for their overly-methodical approach to waging warfare. The thoroughness of their planning and thoroughness is such that every eventuality is planned for, thanks to their Sorcerers' powerful divinations. Magnus was unquestionably the most profoundly mutated of the Emperor's Primarchs, both physically and psychically, and the Legion imprinted with his gene-seed reflected that with a high percentage of Thousand Sons manifesting some level of psychic ability. Blood Trials to find aspirants were carried out on every world from In short: The Blood Ravens are a Space Marine chapter of an unknown founding with an unknown history. See more ideas about space marine, warhammer, warhammer 40k miniatures. Deciding that the easiest and most honorable option was to wait for the inevitable arrival of Russ and his Wolves before turning on their brothers, Azariah Vidya and his followers moved to their positions and waited for the servants of Khorne. There is much speculation around the exact origin of the Blood Ravens, most specifically about which of the First Founding Legions they are derived from. However, it is more often due to the fact that the insight of their talented Sorcerers almost always provides accurate data such that the final plan is appropriate and consistent with the conditions encountered on the field of battle. The Blood Ravens warband primarily wear dark red coloured battle-plate with weathered cream colour shoulder pad insets with black trim. Seeking to cure his brothers of their affliction, Azariah Vidya gathered the most powerful Sorcerers and Librarians under his command and delved into the sorcerous knowledge within the Book of Magnus, to possibly find a solution to the Flesh Change. Learning that the Emperor had already boarded the Phalanx and was making a beeline towards the Rogal Dorn to confront him, the Blood Ravens spread out their forces to help the traitor forces on all fronts as a gesture of kindness, but mostly to make sure the traitors went along with the deal. In later years of M40, however, it was engulfed by a warp storm that was summoned by the Great Unclean One Ulkair. Pre-Heresy M31 After some months of such scrying and research, Vidya claimed he had the full knowledge to defeat those arrayed against them, launching a counterattack of surgical Astartes strikes on apparently deserted enemy positions that turned out to be hiding critical Chaos staging bases. The strikes were perfect, sweeping aside those before them, leading to the quick and bloody close of the campaign. Battle Cry Entire Astropathic choirs died horrendous deaths as uncontrollable forces built up inside them to the point that their heads exploded under the expanding pressure. The precise Founding in which the Blood Ravens were created is unknown; their own chapter histories only begin in early M37, though other Imperial records contain some small references to the Chapter proving their existence before then. As the Thousand Sons silently watched what they thought were their traitorous kin being set ablaze by the orbital bombardment, the Blood Ravens cackled at the foolishness of their former brothers. This notion is by-and-large dismissed by the Chapter today, but for unknown reasons the current members of the Blood Ravens 5th Company wear badges of redemption, penitence and shame upon their armor suits. Goto's works) While the games makes it pretty clear that they are related to Luna Wolves/Black Legion, thus making thier primarch Horus. Only once all reasonable means have been undertaken to compile data is this information thoroughly analysed. The corrupt, yet powerful sorcerers of the Blood Ravens lead their Rubrics, enabling them to crush their enemies with utmost precision only made possible by the dark knowledge that enables the sorcerers to predict each and every step in the enemy's battle plan. The Dark Tongue is a ritual language, and its phonetic runes are the only manner in which the mysteries of Chaos can be truly expressed. During an incident on the planet Arcadia, Librarian Rhamah of the Blood Ravens suffered amnesia and fell in with the Prodigal Sons warband of Thousand Sons sorcerer-lord Ahzek Ahriman. A detailed explanation of the term "Trivia" as used in the Lexicanum can be found here. However, they do have one particular mytho-historical figure of import in the form of Azariah Vidya, known as the Great Father of the Blood Ravens. [2b] Initiates who fail the initiation rites in other ways and that are driven insane and/or mutated by exposure to the warp are led away in pentagrammically warded chains to a chamber simply known as The Tower where they are kept to be studied by the Chapter so as to ascertain what went wrong and how the knowledge of their failure can be put to better use. Der Raven of Blood 1 K.24 ist ein visionäres Bild, das im Zusammenhang mit den Thousand Sons mehrmals auftaucht.. Allgemeines. Gathering in a fell circle around Azariah Vidya, this cabal of Sorcerers lent their power to Azariah, who then unleashed the full potential of his desperate spell. It is common practice to use combinations of runes to further identify thrallbands, squads and even individual Battle-Brothers. The Blood Ravens believe by studying one's enemy, one can predict their movements before launching any attacks, rather than charging in like an uncontrolled berserker or using spontaneous lightning assaults. Those Librarians able to make some sense of the distortion reported terrible visions and nightmares, some even of the Great Unclean One Ulkair stirring in his prison in the core of old Aurelia. Distilling the colossal collections of formulae, incantations and rites, and infusing the results with his own hatred of Magnus and angst at the fate of his Legion, Azariah Vidya devised the canvas of a mighty arcane spell that would ultimately undo all the woe that had befallen his Battle-Brothers and thus protect them from the "flesh-change" for all eternity. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. high number of, In the Index Astartes - Blood Ravens, the section talking of their combat doctrine alludes to how their foresight is similar to that of the Corvidae Cult and the fall of. Though stubborn, the Blood Ravens would flee the scene when they learned that Rogal Dorn had fallen. Icons commonly used by the Blood Ravens include variations of their corrupted former Legion cult icon and runes associated with the Chaos God Tzeentch. Lead by Librarian Azariah Vidya, these rebels joined the Arch-Traitor Rogal Dorn's cause during the Dornian Heresy, lured by the promise of a cure for the dreaded "Flesh Change" that had been haunting their Legion for so long. Once all possible occurrences have been discerned, the Blood Ravens will strike swiftly and with full force, never varying from the original plan. These records are eventually copied to the Librarium Sanctorum, in an attempt to ensure the Blood Ravens have an uninterrupted record of their own history.[8a]. Using their talents for research, the Blood Ravens Apothecaries and Librarians applied every kind of scrutiny known to them to the gene-seed and Primaris technology provided for them. When the Wolves were driven off of Prospero however, they left Azariah and his traitorous followers on the planet in the faint hope that they would be killed off by the loyalist remnants. This grand news would come at a cost however, as the Flesh Change was not only still ever-present, but it was worsening each and every day. The Blood Ravens are established to have enough similarities in battle doctrine (i.e. Those souls who fall (for some inevitably do, either in the initiation process itself or after a lifetime of service) are kept for a time in the Librarium Sanatorium, before being ritually executed by the Master of Sanctity. The Blood Ravens possess a cadre of powerful Librarians and are noted for their ability to predict enemy movements and fall on them with the precise application of force required. As of the release of Dawn of War III, Gabriel Angelos is the newest Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens. Jun 13, 2020 - Explore Eric Gabelhouse's board "WH40k Blood Ravens" on Pinterest. Leader Sect symbols are multifarious in their shape and meaning, with some mirroring the symbol of Tzeentch, others the eye of Magnus, and others still some long-forgotten Prosperine icon.