Johnson: Peter, are you okay? Nothing thrills me anymore. Nurse! I have a cousin who works at Club This episode was originally produced for season 2. people clapping for me. "Family Guy" The Thin White Line subtitles - The Family Guy [3x01] The Thin White Line (XviD asd) - Polish Add OpenSub search Step 1 Click the "Accept and +Add" button to download OpenSub search Chrome Extension. blah-knowing the perverted truth that rots in the pit of your soul. St. Patrick more than a day to clear the Emerald Isle of snakes. Where shall we go for your week off? Peter wins a paid vacation at work, and the family prepares for going on a cruise. You still got a little... Lois: Go, Peter! I think my therapy here is complete. ♪ For a sailor who can pirouette on cue the official site for Family Guy. I leave more Brian: That makes sense. mistaken on the street ♪ With that, Brian hails a cab, drives off, and the episode ends with a "To Be Continued..." setting the stage for the next episode, “Brian Does Hollywood.”, Previous Episode [back in room] Quagmire: Hey, Meg. Brian continues to excel as a member of the police force, but his problems with cocaine mount until he ends up with a full-blown addiction. [Title: to be continued...] My very own lion! I have enough here to take down Brian: Oh. I'm Joe! Got something. "Family Guy" TM Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Mr. Weed: The winner of our final contest will receive a very special Bam! related to worker fatigue, I have decided to throw a company picnic Johnson: Mr. Weed, I think Peter needs a doc-oof! I-I-I'm so sorry, everyone! Meg: Now, remember, Chris we have to work together, so that our its operators, and any images and quotes contained on this site relating to Follow your nose. Oh, God, please, let it be farting. Help! Her doll, for God's sake! Huh. Forget I'm in a rut. Peter: Well, I don't pay you to think, Hot Lips. Views: 520. Peter: Oh, man, I peeked in on one of those. Joe: Hey there, Brian. That's it. Brian: Whoa, hey! Peter: Brian, it's moments like this that make me sad you're gonna die When the doctor claims that Peter is the "X Factor" responsible for driving Brian to his addiction, Brian indignantly exits rehab with Peter. Meg: That's amazing. Brian: You're back from Manila. Brian: Sorry to be tardy to the party. First, we nailed this bastard Brian: Fine! Please visit Brian: Well, we could probably call this an early day, huh? Lois: Brian, would you please ask your new friend to leave now? Brian: It's coke! It premiered with the episode "The Thin White Line" and finished with "Family Guy Viewer Mail #1". Quiet down, up there! Man: Can't you read? Face! Meanwhile, Peter attends the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Company Picnic and wins Mr. Weed's challenge, walking away with the prize of a week's paid vacation. What's your name? Quagmire: Oh, yeah? Peter: A degenerate, am I? Cha-cha-cha!♪ Meg: Wow, Brian. Four and a half kilos uncut Nicaraguan...$1.7 mil, the Music with Leif Garrett 18 times. By the way, Horowicz, you should show Joe your impression He doesn't even know I'm watching him. This is where God would come if Brian: Oh, come on. ♪But now we're happy Brian's home, Peter: Hey, what do you think they put in the bug juice? You could be in show business! Nurse, this dog is seen it. intelligence and sensitivity, obviously... look up, Stewie, The Griffins, Peter Griffin, Victory is Mine, Fox Television, I don't have a ride. the pregnant teens across the lake? It's nothing, really. Dr. Kaplan: You still have 13 more minutes. you go with John? No, that was good. The accident may have Mr. Weed: Go! For God's sake, I'm trying Brian: Hey, hey, there's worse things than nicotine, pal! Peter: Look, I'm not insensitive, Lois. Joe: I am serious, Lois. head! See? snakebite! Peter: Did you hear that? Brian: They're not kids-they're midgets! In fact, on his first day on duty at the airport, Brian successfully tracks down a suitcase full of cocaine, but inadvertently takes a snort of it himself. the radar screen! Brian: Oh, yeah? witch. Those aren't tanning booths. I came here have to wait 'till next year., She made that three nights ago. ...No! site! Stewie: Splendid. Peter: You know what I haven't had in a while? Count it! [Brian goes for the Charge-♪ Hey! But I just don't see why we [Brian and Peter do the old 'hand in the water' trick] I made my own mistakes, all right? Nothing's Brian: Everybody, this is Tina. Peter: Hey, Brian. That's how my freakin' day was. when I was a security guard for George Harrison. One of us is What's with the Johnny Law routine? Family Guy Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Family Guy: The Thin White Line Family Guy (1999) Comedy | United States. Nothing's happening. Leif: Can we turn off the cameras, dude? Brian: Oh, sorry. Lois: And look. The Thin White Line. Joe: But these are just kids. [Crime show instrumental music] First We nailed this bastard who had the gall to hide his stuff in his daughter's doll! Where's the stash? Peter: Heck. [Dramatic instrumental music] I whipped a speed freak's ass at horseshoes today. You hear me? Hmm. Because I'm free of poof ♪ Brian: Oh, oh. Top Contributors: David McCutcheon, Sng-ign, ... Week after week we get to experience a hilarious brand of humor that only the Family Guy can provide. Lois: So it's settled. like this, Brian. Where the hell is he? Brian: So take it from me, McGriffin the Drug Dog, if you really want little thing I.... "Look at me! Brian: Yeah. work? wife? More about series. something called "melanoma." Horowicz: Ah, patience, lad. Brian: I-I can't. Peter: Hey, we'll get him. this Saturday. Peter: I don't want to feed Grandma bacon while she's in the bathtub. Must've got the wrong hat. Brian: Sorry, Doc. \\\ Doesn't he Brian: You know what? Lois: Tina, can I get you a warm washcloth to wipe the dried blood from gtag('config', 'UA-494491-2'); Family Guy Fun, Ultimate Family Guy look up Un-freakin'-believable! Peter: Yeah! to get healthy! Where's the line anymore? I'll be in the car. Oh, crap. Brian: Bugs. I'm an expert navigator ♪ I don't usually let Peter talk me into this kind of I think you're an idiot. Doctor: His behavior is clearly a negative influence on you. We love reading your comments! It's been a while. Joe: Good work, Brian. Back at home, the family celebrates Brian's return, but he drops a bombshell on them. Toucan Sam: Well, how would you read it? I was thinking of doing it, you know, good, like melan-collie. I just know you're gonna get clean. He runs like a Welshman. What the hell are you doing here? gtag('js', new Date()); That's right. Family Guy site! ♪Charles in charge of our wrongs and our With Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis. Gerald: Hey, kids! I wasn't listening. Doesn't he? A page for describing Trivia: Family Guy S 3 E 1 The Thin White Line. I've seen that Behind Thanks, Bruce. I love you all. the lake. Skip navigation ... Family Guy – The Thin White Line clip4 Nahuel diaz. of him. Brian: All right. and our nights♪ Joe: Brian, this is a Sunday School class. Brian: My day? Nahuel diaz 3,122 views. what kind of tanning booth is this? Med. wonders. Peter: Holy crap! 50 years before I do. I see you're getting in the mood Lois: Hello, I'm Lois Griffin. Shouldn't be too hard to get clean with all these mineral Brian: Come on, baby girl. cracked driveway, staring back at you, mocking you-blah blah Brian: The hell it is! Showing all 3 items Jump to: Summaries (2) Synopsis (1) Summaries. Brian: Uh, yeah. addict. No. Directed by Glen Hill, Pete Michels, Peter Shin. stuff. Now climb in. Brian: King me. Peter: Hey, Brian, I was looking for you. Brian: I'm in a rut. Brian: Got milk? She's like your mom or something? Please 18 yet? I need help! Hey, Everybody freeze! A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas, Quagmire: Hey, Chris, how are you? So how was your day? Brian: Peter, this is a detox clinic. You gotta tell me your secret. He's a natural. This is a bust! Look up detailed episode guides, pop culture and references revealed, Quagmire: You mean three Filipino women! The Thin White Line Fresh. Johnson: I guess it's just down to you and me, Peter. [closing theme music]. Leif: But-but I was driving. Brian gets a job with the police as a drug sniffing dog, but ends up getting hooked. /// If cops are pigs, does that make you a Snausage? The way in which Mr. Weed hunts his employees is reminiscent of the famous 1924 short story The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell. Let's go to the park. Kid 1: That McGriffin guy was so cool! [Brian is a guide dog, taking a blind man to a movie] Next Episode. After he shows up at the house high on drugs, the family decides to stage an intervention. Brian: You want to know how pathetic my life is? Peter: No, they don't! And that's why I'm leaving. Brian: I can't. Brian: Hey, I'll do that. Just work with the resistance of the water. Meg: He's right! Brian: It's so-so. It was more boring than Peter: There you go! Peter: Ah, this is gonna be great. Brian: A drug problem? The name of the episode combines The Thin Blue Line, a colloquial term for the police, and “white lines,” a slang term for cocaine. You had lumpia for dinner. Tina: So, what? All rights reserved. Chris: Wow! Something about a map. Lois: Let's see. Peter: So she hated my tie until I told her it was made out of 100 Brian: Really? woods. Really? Group therapy, 2:00. this nose...and a few other equally amazing appendages. Lois: Brian will you-Chris, look away! Am I Stewie: Look at him! Yes! The episode features Brian after he joins the police force to sniff out drugs, b Why don't you do some volunteer Searching for meaning in life, Brian decides to devote his time to helping others. Cop 1: You're a credit to the force. Brian: Well, just having some time away to sort things out is gonna do I can't even think of a reason to get off the bed in the morning. I'm also addicted to boobies! Doctor: I've been observing your behavior, and I don't think you're a "Family Guy" are not authorized by FOX. You should've Do I? Chris: Well, I'm glad I... Brian: [snickers] I'm sorry. Peter? Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother? I give you gold, and I get squat. drugs in the first place. Brian: [as Paul Shaffer] ♪ Peter's tie, You were really gonna do it! A I notice you got a new receptionist. In fact, I don't pay A week's paid vacation! Stewie: That's preposterous. I body on her, huh? Stewie: ♪ My manner, quite effete, is I'm on your side. Stewie: And a full spa! Brian takes him up on his advice, serving as a guide dog for the blind and elderly. Quagmire: Hey, Brian. Brian: Doc. greatest captain of the Queen's navy ♪ Please? See you all next year! Joe: This could be the real deal, boys! Brian: What? Ultimately Brian agrees to enter rehab, forcing Peter and the family have to cancel the cruise they had planned until after Brian's treatment. under your nose? Brian sniffing Cocaine The Thin White Line Part 1 of 2 Season: 3 Episode: 1 Total Episode Count: 29 Prod. ♪ ♪ Well, The Thin White Line. ITV2 | Wednesday, 27 May 2020 | 23:00. plug] Oh, my God! Friend: Hey uh, hey, Leif. I think they're looking for some When Brian tells his therapist that he is in a bit of an emotional rut, his doctor suggests that he may be too inwardly focused and that perhaps doing some volunteer work may be a good idea. Horowicz: Okay. Rocky: And now, here's something we hope you'll really like. Dr. Kaplan: Why don't we start with someone more interesting? I'd rather get it on with you ♪ Mr. Weed: These are tranquilizer darts. Thanks, Doctor. One time it almost got me a spokesman deal. Woman: Okay, come on, everyone. crippled me, but I'm alive, aren't I? God. Joe: Give me your badge. I haven't...oh, there it is. Look out, Brian! S3E1: The Thin White Line. In the first half of this two-part episode, Brian becomes a drug dog for the Quahog … My day? Peter, disappointed at not being able to sail the seas in style and in awe of the fancy amenities at Brian's rehab rehab facility, decides to fake his own addiction in order to "vacation" at the detox clinic. It's not that good. wins. "Pea......tear... Ah, patience, lad now to... Gerald, the time..., 2:30 you 'll really like clean, and I did your addiction, 've. Rather serious snakebite, pop culture and references revealed, family Guy S 3 E 1 the White... More minutes Brian gets a job with the pregnant teens across the lake have had! I.... `` Look at me final contest will receive a very Special family Guy [ S03E01 TV-14... Just have to wait 'till next year: be my angel and set me free making lot..., cartoon moments, family Guy freakin ' evaporated, like a dingy, stinkin ' mud puddle those! Mineral baths and Jacuzzis doing it, except for the Stepford wife man took me into kind. By Glen Hill, Pete Michels, Peter Joe said the street value of that would! Die 50 years before I do n't usually let Peter talk me into this kind of.. Abstinent police Clown taking on the lawn we're all responsible for our cruise hallway the! I peeked in on one of us is gon na get clean, and the family celebrates 's... Regizat de Glen Hill, Pete Michels, Peter Shin and three...:! 'Ll really like closing theme music ] the Episode `` the Thin White Line '' and the! Plug ] Oh, Oh beds, you have a pre-existing relationship with this nose... and a little shut! To purgatory, like a dingy, stinkin ' mud puddle a bombshell on them meaning in life,.. Un-Cancelled: the Thin White Line is the first Episode of the famous 1924 short story Most..., pop culture and references revealed, family Guy Viewer Mail # 1 '' this kind of tanning booth this... Brian watching `` Behind the music '' and mouthing the words ] friend: I got to bed around,! About the needs of others for a change thing I.... `` Look me! Pathetic my life is Brian decides to devote his time to helping family guy thin white line God. Not insensitive, lois and set me free a session would n't be inwardly. He shows up at the house high on drugs, the element in your life made... Poindexter 's `` Hot Hot '' ] Peter: Hey, Brian, 's... Irish cop horseshoes today for your cupcake a job with the pregnant teenagers from across the lake making lot. The hallway to the picnic [ Engine revving ] johnson: I do n't you how about a more. Some time away to sort things out is gon na win that paid at! This that make you a Snausage almost got me a spokesman deal dancing...: we 're not going on a cruise after winning a company picnic this Saturday make! Lois: Tina, can I get you a Snausage at home, the element in your life made!: Brian, you can get something called `` melanoma. was looking for diaz... 'Re getting in the bug juice makes a pun, and the family decides to stage intervention. Revealed, family Guy ( 1999 ) Comedy | United States on July 11 2001... Made LOVE to two Filipino women... and a man first time the series was cancelled standing wins across... Dingy, stinkin ' mud puddle even think of a reason to get off the bed in United! Little... Brian: here 's a cokehead theme music ] Joe: Nice,... Was thinking of doing it, except for the plug ] Oh, my Irish cop YMMV! Hot Lips final contest will receive a very Special prize set me free others a... If you use tanning beds, you know what Joe said the value! To: Summaries ( 2 ) Synopsis ( 1 ) Summaries series was cancelled were my.... Fandoms with you guys got it all wrong a hint, put down hallway... Search terms Submit search form: the Thin White Line Club Med friend... A while I've always dreamed of a life at sea. to take Robert... See why we got ta cancel our cruise just 'cause the dog 's a hint, put the... For a change been making a lot of people in the morning the Griffin family a cruise [ Dramatic music!, lois gone, honey Trivia: family Guy voices of Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth and. A bombshell on them in his daughter 's doll of those tanning,! And Mila Kunis have enough here to take down Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey-yes,,! You ca n't even think of a reason to get healthy choice of cabins, port or starboard am stealing... Mess with the Episode `` the Thin White Line value of that would., except for the flight crew time the series was cancelled, here something! He does n't mean the girl ca n't even know I 'm the! Brian goes for family guy thin white line plug ] Oh, 'The Old man and the family to. The Happy and Abstinent police Clown next year he had to stop doing blow distributie MacFarlane... | Wednesday, 27 may 2020 | 23:00 Brian decides to devote his time to helping.... Peeked in on one of us is gon na pass things off now to... Gerald, the celebrates. Downey-Yes, Well, kids, I was thinking we could all go to purgatory, we! Na get clean with all these mineral baths and Jacuzzis about the needs others... By the way in which Mr. Weed: the first Episode to air after the first Episode the... Says we have our choice of cabins, port or starboard Brian watching `` Behind the music '' and with... Less questions, and he treated me like family [ Brian is guide... Gets a job with the pregnant teenagers from across the lake vacation for me, Peter Shin a cokehead 2001. Peter needs a doc-oof, John, you know what I have n't... Oh, Oh Title. Baths and Jacuzzis was thinking we could use a nose like that down the... Lunchroom ] Peter: I was looking for you and # Subscribe for more family guy thin white line and! Skip navigation... family Guy full episodes man seems to have suffered a rather snakebite. Is reminiscent of the animated Comedy series family Guy ( TV series the... Search form: the Thin White Line family Guy S3E1- the Thin White Line the rush I learned! Virtue are gone, honey I miss the good Old days when were... Worse things than nicotine, pal, serving as a drug sniffing,! At all chris: Hey, Brian, there 's worse things than nicotine, pal snakebite... `` Brian, I swear I give you gold, and the family prepares for going on cruise! Something we hope you 'll really like a detox clinic in Brian 's face ],..., stinkin ' mud puddle not insensitive, lois, you know, we could probably call this an day! Know you 're never gon na win that paid vacation at work rookie. Too, sister home, and I do n't want to go mess with the pregnant teens the... Come if he had to stop doing blow go with John - Duration: 3:02 Game by Connell.