Style gallery 1945–1949. loadCSS rel=preload polyfill. 88. The mid 1900s are surely a prime time period for this purpose. Apart from this, the knit shirt, bowling, camp shirt, Cuban collar shirt, and the western rockabilly shirts gave a new definition to 1950s men’s casual fashion. // th.find("td.value .adsw-attribute-option span").trigger("click"); The fabric for pants and shorts was mostly Linen, Wool Fiber, Cotton, or even polyester. // 1940s Men’s Fashion History- The suit decade. Hats were textured and patterned. 50s men stood tall, thin and well-dressed both casually and formally. Discover (and save!) Related Articles. This trend is best done in a subtle way. In conclusion, 1950s mens hairstyles definitely get the world’s stamp of approval for withstanding the test of time.   The 1950s Men\u2019s Suits If you watch movies and TV shows of 1950s era, you will mostly notice the businessman look. However, the major head turner was the casual wear of this era. .variations .ajaxerrors p{ Post World War 2 era saw many changes in fashion, and the shoes also followed the lead. In 50s, due to loose and long bottoms, socks were mostly hidden inside. 1950s Men's Shirt Styles - Dress Shirts to Casual Pullovers. Mens 1950s Vintage. It was the period when World War 2 was over, and victory celebrations were still going on. 50s fashion – Underwear. Argyle socks were very popular. Colors for the coats were seasonal and men chose darker hues. For casual wear, bold patterns were preferred and for office wear, a simple and plain look was deemed suitable. But it was also the time when iconic figures like Elvis Presley and James Dean were having a great influence on the men’s clothing styles which were different from the contemporary style of the 50s. Colors mostly revolved around brown and black for formal shoes but the dual toned options from 1930s and 1940s were still liked by many. From an office clerk to the head of an organization, every man wanted to look super American, devoted, authoritative and patriotic. People tried and tested new things, and even men were all excited about the trendiness. The fabric for pants and shorts was mostly Linen, Wool Fiber, Cotton, or even polyester. Decade . Fashion was one of those things which they deemed to change. Men's suits during the 1950s were very clean and simple. ","articleBody":"The 1950s were pivotal and intense. So if you have seen John Travolta in the movie “Grease,” you should have got an idea about young men’s fashion of this period. The creased-front look in the slacks gave a tall dimension to male figure. With the business suits, the conservative sense prevailed. Traveling and touring gained a good momentum in the 50s after the slump of the world war which also inclined the people for casual style of dressing. 1990s 1980s 1970s 1960s 1950s 1940s. Dress shirts, sport shirts, Hawaiian shirts, T-Shirts, bowling shirts, camp shirts, and Western shirts. Jan 4, 2016 - Fashion history of 1950s men's shirts. Check out how men dressed back in the day. However, the major head turner was the casual wear of this era. Therefore, do not hesitate in going 1950s vintage. The Iconic Business Sporty Coats A very prominent item from 1950s men\u2019s fashion is the Sporty Coat. $8.00 shipping Almond shape with thin sole and shape became popular. The style, sophistication, youthfulness and business classiness, all were amalgamated in 50s men\u2019s fashion. … FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. These coats were mostly made of Wool Fiber or Corduroy. Whether the skirt was full or slender, if it was a dress she was wearing or a skirt suit, or even a youthful sweater girl look, it all started with a nipped in waist and rounded hips, achieved with a “waspie” girdle, and the pointiest bra seen in history. The 1950s were pivotal and intense. This basically meant that they looked almost the same in flannel suits. Almond shape with thin sole and shape became popular. In this vintage era, Marlon Brando and James Dean made the jeans culture quite popular. Hats were a sign of respect and etiquette as well, and every well-dressed gentleman was ready to tip their hats to the ladies. Women’s fashion in the early ’50s was inspired by Dior’s “New Look” collection of 1947. Rubber sole made a significant position for itself, particularly in the sports shoe section. 1950s Men’s fashion depicted patriotism and joyfulness. Paris, cut off from the world during the war, once again became the center of fashion. Apart from this, plaid and big checks were on trend too. It was also a mark of a true gentleman, but at the same time, you have to keep etiquette in mind. 1951 Men’s Shirts and Ties. The casual shirts were collared, button down, bright, striped, or patterned. your own Pins on Pinterest The super hit bands like Rolling Stones paved the way for the 50s fashion and made it even more pivotal. Dress shoes had a requirement of low-heeled soles. Plain and simple shirts and tees were paired with textured and patterned coats. Ivy League men were always dressed in Madras Super Coats. var links=w.document.getElementsByTagName("link");for(var i=0;i