All of our Dobermans have been hand picked from the best of the best bloodlines and litters to be undergo high obedience training and then Doberman protection training. All dogs shown on this page reside at our luxury kennel or in private homes and are available for immediate pick-up or delivery directly to your home. Presenting Our 9 Month Old Female Akali Di Paul. Sire’s heritage is Yugoslavian, Dam’s is Serbian. That’s a far cry from what it is in America or pretty much anyone can breed the dog. At vom Landgraf Haus Dobermans, we breed mostly European Doberman Pinscher puppies that excel at all types of activities designed for working group dogs, including: conformation shows, personal protection, serving as therapy dogs and family companions. Full suit protection training. Stalaris Dobermans come from a long line of champion European lineage extending from Ukraine, Serbia , and Belarus. I’ll probably just solve the predator problem by upgrading my fence from a 3-foot chain fence to a 6-foot privacy fence. Contact us to discuss the details of getting the training you need to achieve optimal success with your new dog. Home. We have decided that since we already have access to some of the best working and show kennels in Europe we are best placed to take the stress and uncertainty out of this process and supply the puppies direct ourselves. Watch our "Available" page for those close to finishing the program we enrolled them in. European Doberman as ... Their protection ability. Hairy Dog, RIP Caesar, Katana, Kip, Capri. Testimonials. We give our pups a solid foundation and expose them to as much as we can so that they can have a smooth transition into their new homes. Our dogs average size and weight of the adult Lyles Doberman is: Females, around 26 to 29 inches and 75 to 95 lbs. Overall nervous system. How they react in chaotic environments; In general, they test the whole overall temperament of the dog and if the dog is deemed stable enough and meets the requirements then you’ll get a permit to breed the dog. If and when their family is threatened, the European Doberman is much more likely and quickly to react in a way that involves physically protecting the owner. At AJT European Dobermans, we breed Doberman Pinscher puppies in Florida that excel at all types of activities designed for working group dogs, including: conformation shows, personal protection, serving as therapy dogs and family companions. The dog tried to protect them. Capturing the Greatness of the Doberman Genetically - Cultivating the Mind of the Doberman through Education. More About Us. The main reason the two types have less and less in common is the judges. BNP Euro Dobermans. Professional temperament testing, socialization, crate training and confidence building for all of our puppies before they go to their new homes. Doberman Forum : Doberman Breed Dog Forums. And of course, if you also wish to continue in the sport of Schutzund and carry on the pedigree’s winning line, we will also be happy to assist you in developing your pup’s potential. Interested in a protection dog in Florida or Nationwide? Contact us at (239) 316-0785 . A forum community dedicated to doberman owners and enthusiasts. All rights reserved. Wow, thanks for all the valuable feedback everyone! Placing extreme value on each quality, and not just cherry picking one or two, she has combined superior conformation, temperament, working ability, and health. You want something you can count on when it comes down to it. Certainly a lot to consider! Interested in a protection dog in Florida or Nationwide? The Doberman was originally bred to be a protection dog so they had to be courageous, fearless, loyal and intelligent. Index . The coat quality and color are slightly less noticeable between the American Doberman Pinscher and the European Dobermann. #ajteuropeandobermans #doberman #dobermanpinscher #dobermansofinstagram #dobermanlove #dobiesofinstagram #dobermann … For Sale. Nitro - nearly 4 years old. Our Doberman lines are free of hip dysplasia, eye disease, bad tempermemt, and poor conformation. The larger size is a detriment to the work a personal protection dog must accomplish, never mind a sport dog. And I've got no doubt in my mind that he would be a HIGHLY effective deterrent in 99% of cases. The puppies are born and cared for in the breeder’s residence. Finding European Doberman Breeders: The BEST Directories and Resources - Duration: 14 ... Video Brochure For The Best Family Raised Personal Protection Dogs For Sale - Duration: 18:22. We work with a number of European Doberman kennels overseas as well as veterinarians that understand they breed well. I do my shopping there as well as visit my daughter and grandson there. Their drive, personality and stamina make for incredible companion and protection dogs. TEXT (231) 834-5276 These are some traits that show up in “bad” Doberman breeding that would never be accepted in the Schuzhund competition rings. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. They’re less likely to back down over the American line Doberman. I’ll work on replying to individual posts once I’ve had a chance to take notes and process all this information. Working, protection or just an everyday companion. European Doberman Breeders in Florida. Our Dobermans We currently have large Boned European ~ Bred Work Show, Working, and Doberman Puppies for sale bred specifically for your families personal protection and companionship. Establishing Elitehaus in 2013, she set out to create the “Total Doberman”. Available Dobermans in Training . If you are looking for dogs who won’t fail you in personal and property protection, the European Dobermanns perfectly fit your needs. So far most of my research has been on YouTube and a lot of content creators there would have me believe that Euro Dobies are much larger than Americans... Are you aware of the potential liability in owning a dog trained in PP and how difficult and expensive it may be to insure your property? We work a tireless number of hours to ensure our customers have the knowledge they require, and that our dogs have the love they deserve. With over 20 years of experience with Dobermans, Ashley Allstun has a deep love and understanding for the breed. Contact us as we have an available trained protection dog ready to go to an approved home or business. In the modern world, dogs simply do not take the place of having a gun and knowing how to use it. Unfortunately, some amount of walking in the city is unavoidable. BigJoe74, as a fellow like minded person, I imagine you have started this journey for a protection dog the same way you would shopping for a pistol. You want something that packs a punch, that not only looks intimidating, but is reliable, strong, and more than just a threat deterrent. By the way I've seen Jazi's dog in action, he is a perfect example of blended european show and working lines, selected for strong working ability and correct breed temperament, and he is indeed an ideal (imo) medium size, trim and fit male. Naples, FL They (especially the Italian and other west european show lines) can have great nerve though. Presenting Our Amazing Star Oriana Di Altobello. I intend to do full bite suit training and whatnot, so I need a dog properly suited for that. Yes, I would be letting my Dobe outside with the Frenchies. STUD SERVICES. From what I understand it is not just owning a dog that you can "turn on and off" it is a lifestyle change in many ways. Our dogs are raised in house with plenty of socialization and human interaction. IPO Training. My Frenchies all stick to each other like glue. I always think of that breeder (AMERICAN show lines) who lost her daughter and daughter's boyfriend to a home intruder. However, they are also from a bloodline of proven Schutzhund Titled competitors with a  track record of success in sports that prove they are at the top of the line in obedience, tracking and personal protection. And The Oscar Goes To Linus Sandgren. Xander, (Son of Thor Del Nasi an IPO3 Schutzund Champion and World Winner of Show) is our young super star stud. The Doberman is revered as one of the world's most lethal protection dogs, with incredible trainability, intelligence and affection towards his family. The european working lines skew smaller and lighter, which provides them more endurance, agility and overall athleticism. No coyote or fox to my knowledge should be able to jump/climb over that., Breeders of Impeccable Temperments and Type, European Doberman puppies Dobermans were intended to be. Come join the discussion about breeding, health, behavior, housing, adopting, care, classifieds, and more! While they don’t typically show aggression to their owners, they do display more drive and determination than the American Doberman Pinscher in protection dog competitions. I would also prefer a dog with a very short “Euro-Style” tail dock: My pictures don’t appear to be working for some reason, so I guess I’ll just link them here: The Europeans that have working ability aren't usually the ones with the larger size. Males are larger, around 28 to 31 inches tall and up to 115 lbs. If you’re interested in the possibility of purchasing a guard dog, it’s important to consider whether they are a good fit for your life, for you as a pack leader, and if you can afford continual training. © Copyright 2017-2018. Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend with their families, friends & pups! If a 45lb Malinois bitch can take down a man in a bite suit, I wouldn't be too concerned about a 75lb male doberman. You do what you know to do! Kiara is a big strong girl, very strong natural protection instincts, excellent nerves, but most importantly, super-social and gentle with our children. The breeder limits breeding to a few litters every year to make sure that their female dogs are going to remain healthy. Join the Stalaris Doberman family ! Contact us as we have an available trained protection dog ready to go to an approved home or business. ADP-PrCH Lily Dale- A Melody Unchained ETD PKD-T PKD-N ADP-L2 (GC) GPS-SST OD-WD4, S-ADP-PrCH CA Speed Queen Leontine Von Washateria ETD D-CRO-Preliminary PKD-T PKD-N S-ADP-L2(GC) GPS-SST OD-WD4, Ilka Of Pear Orchard Cemetery BN RE CA CGC TKP ETD CRO-1 D-CRO-Preliminary NCO-1 PKD-T PKD-N S-ADP-L4 ~2009-2017~, SD Rebholzer Chasing the Moon CGCA WAC ATT; Creed,,,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. While they also possess the drive and desire to thrive as canine athletes and personal protection dogs. Sire is 5 years old, 105 lb., has a very even temperament, and is personal protection trained. BH, CGC In Training (IPO 1, IPO2) Taz is an extremely muscular, compact, powerful girl with determination and heart. Differences in Coat Quality and Color . Interested in a protection dog in Florida or Nationwide? LITTER ANNOUNCEMENT: WE ANTICIPATE OUR NEXT LITTER OF PUPS TO BE BORN EARLY 2021. They are raised in our home with our young children and are extremely social and tolerant of the demands and pressure of toddlers and children. My Frenchies are also all females, so I plan on getting a male Dobe. Thanks for your reply! Yugo Working Yugo and ... Our dogs were born in the US and are of European heritage. Contact us as we have an available trained protection dog ready to go to an approved home or business. Puppies will have very high … Doberman Training Tips. Nothing wrong with that! (239) 316-0785 This breeder breeds all types of Doberman puppies including dogs for show, protection, work, and companionship. IPO3, High IPO3 Doberman at DVG Nationals 2017. Contact. ’s dogs are part of our family from the moment of their birth and thus are wonderful family dogs. BREEDING THE KING SIZE AND STANDARD SIZE EUROPEAN WORKING LINE DOBERMAN PINSCHER DOG WITH THE ABILITIES FOR SEARCH,RESCUE,PROTECTION AND FAMILY COMPANIONS SINCE 1972. I am also aware that Dobies are primarily inside dogs. My hope is that my Dobe would stay next to the Frenchies and protect them in the event of an attack. Past Litters. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. And the ones who are larger with working ability tend to be working in a sport context. Many families are considering adding a personal protection dog to their home and life. We couldn’t be happier. European Doberman. Jazi, beautiful dog, what breeder did you use? We offer pups and stud services from imported top notch European lines. In this Guide we will be talking about Doberman Training, But first lets talk about the breed itself. Our personal protection dogs are trained with family and work in mind. Contact us at (239) 316-0785 . Dam is 3 years old, 72 lb., equally even tempered and very intelligent. I wasn’t aware that the size difference between Euro and American was so minimal. When trouble comes knocking, anyone not scared away by a dog knows they can just kill the dog to get to you. ’s dogs are part of our family from the moment of their birth and thus are wonderful family dogs. The Doberman Breed are considered to be originated in … My frenchies are definitely indoor dogs and at this stage of my life, I spend much less time outdoors than I did as a young man. They are not as sharp, and tend to be more prey driven than defensive, they don't necessarily have that civil side desirable to PP. At AJT European Dobermans, we breed Doberman Pinscher puppies in Florida that excel at all types of activities designed for working group dogs, including: conformation shows, personal protection, serving as therapy dogs and family companions. I would prefer a European Male puppy due to the increased size of the Males and for the working ability of Europeans. Hello all, I am looking to find a reputable European Dobe breeder because I am in the market for a personal protection dog at the moment. Whether you are looking for a Doberman because you are looking for the supreme guard dog for your home or business or personal protection dog for yourself or family, or you just adore the breed and want to have a sweet but highly obedient family pet or perhaps a therapy dog for yourself or to help another, Dobermans can provide a puppy for you that will meet your needs. Our projected placements for the first half of 2019 are now home or soon to be home with their new family. These European Dobermans will excel in Schutzhund, Tracking, Manstopping, Personal Protection, Conformation, Agility, Obedience, or anything you could ask them to do, they are truly the Ultimate European Doberman. They are intelligent and athletic enough to take in any direction you would like . First, it is the conformation. Today, many European Dobermans still possess these working characteristics and excel not only in the show ring, but also in sporting rings, such as IPO/Schutzhund (tracking, obedience and personal protection). Another one of the main reasons why I’m leaning towards getting one. I don't know how much defense a single doberman could do against a pack of coyotes determined to make your smaller dogs into lunch. European Dobermans are considered to have a better temperament for guard and protection work. Personal protection dogs are a hot topic right now with the surge in public crimes and terrorism. Dobermans. Elite Dobermans UK are one of the largest business in the UK, licenced to import and sell European Dobermans. Directions. There are two main reasons why American dobermans differ so much from the European dobermans. Contact us at (239) 316-0785 European Doberman Breeders in Florida. AJT’s “Taz”­manian­Devil. Doberman Pinschers are incredibly intelligent dogs and can be trained fairly easily. She was shot, went down, and the intruder then killed the humans in the house. EMAIL US. I suppose it would also be nice for my daughter to borrow my dog from time to time if she was feeling unsafe and wanted to take him with her on walks and whatnot. Dogs don't win against bullets. JavaScript is disabled. You want guaranteed protection. You run a pretty significant risk of losing the dobe too.