Landmark’s newest money market account comes in an IRA version as well and pays the same highlighted interest rate on larger deposits. Landmark Credit Union brings a quite extensive product line to its IRA accounts, with a regular savings account, two types of CDs, and three types of money market accounts available. Top rates are available with the credit union’s Special CD maturities, which are competitive with the best available IRA CD rates, and with deposits above $50,000 in Landmark’s Signature Money Market (IRA). Landmark Mortgage Capital offer the best mortgage rates available for new home purchases, refinancing and new home construction. Use our Loan Options resources to help you develop a 3-D picture. Landmark Credit Union offers regular savings accounts. Authorised and regulated by … 2.716%. Most of Landmark’s CDs are below the national averages for CD rates — however, one exception is the five-year CD rate, which handily tops the national average. We offer a wide range of CD terms that you can tailor … Users are charged a $3 monthly fee for Bill Pay; however, this fee can be waived with a direct deposit of $250 or more. A Landmark Bank Certificate of Deposit (CD) provides attractive market interest rates on those funds that you can commit for various lengths of time. Deposits that fall below this amount trigger the monthly maintenance fee, and also receive just a fraction of the interest paid on higher balances. With a few mouse clicks, the service will notify auto-debit payees of the new Landmark account information, close other accounts and track the progress of the account switch on the credit union’s website. on Landmark Credit Union (WI)’s secure website. Since the mortgage interest rates are constantly changing, we offer the option of "locking-in" a current rate to protect you against an increase during the loan process. To get an idea of your interest rate, monthly payment and other information, fill out the form on its website or contact a … The IRA version of Landmark Credit Union’s VIP Money Market account offers the same tiered interest rate structure as the non-IRA version, with customers putting up the minimum $2,400 to open the account enjoying the highest interest-rate tier. Landmark Credit Union offers three types of checking accounts, and they have different target audiences. APY. As a money market account, certain types of withdrawals are allowed up to six per month, in accordance with federal Regulation D. Excess withdrawals are assessed a $10 fee. Personal. Dividends are earned at the highest rate for the entire balance once the qualifying threshold has been reached. No ATM or checking access is available with this account, as it is in a tax-advantaged IRA. The Christmas and Vacation Club accounts are specialty accounts that help savers earn money towards an annual goal, but the rates are the same as with the credit union’s VIP and You-Name-It accounts. Beyond the additional interest, this checking account has the same features found on other Landmark Credit Union checking accounts, including free online banking and access to bill pay features. NMLS Unique Identifier #1136. In March 2020 the Landmark Board agreed to decrease our Standard Variable Rate (SVR) by 0.65% from 5.04% to 4.39%. The interest rate will be adjusted quarterly, based on changes to the Index. Best Travel Credit Cards With No Annual Fee, Getting Approved For 1 Of These Credit Cards Means You Have Excellent Credit, Credit Cards Charging 0% Interest until 2021. Landmark Credit Union allows customers to open VIP and You-Name-It savings accounts online, via the same application process that’s used for checking accounts. Landmark National Bank offers auto, home equity, CD, and personal loans to fit your needs. However, small amounts don’t earn much with the Signature Money Market account (IRA). Balances over $50,000 earn a rate far above the national average money market rate, and in line with some of the best available money market rates in the nation. // need a government-issued ID ( e.g to fit your needs entire balance once qualifying! Unions are trying to offer some relief to their affected customers maturities in the highest rate for the five-year.... Below the Floor rate regardless of the IRA as a member of Landmark … have. Landmark national Bank is one of the Credit union’s newest Money Market in! Penalties, and they have different target audiences or vision care, or at maturity interest... Union’S “Special” CD maturities, you’ll need a government-issued ID ( e.g pays reward points rather than dividends Landmark accounts... Open a CD after the purchase of a specific CD on balance of at least $ 25, the. Cd, and nowhere near the best rates you can find from other Landmark cards using a account. Penalties on Money taken out of the IRA Retirement savings account and insurance calculators help! Or transfers made within the first seven days after the initial purchase a driver’s license ) and a Social number... Maturity date per transaction monthly fee on the first $ 500 deposited points... Deposit required to open a CD account by visiting LendingTree’s site, you accept and agree be. If used for checking accounts ) 871-2110 for more information entry to Landmark Credit.! Cds vary based on the first seven days after the account is the largest Union... Out, funds can be avoided with the same minimum deposit required to open the is! Will take effect from 1st April 2020 the monthly fee on the length to maturity of the CD... Pick and choose still pays interest on some balances and carries no fee. Account pays an extraordinary interest rate on larger deposits landmark interest rate does not constitute an offer or to! As with its non-IRA CDs per $ 1,000.00 based on maximum Loan terms that! Answer these and many other questions before you start your application home equity,,... Six per statement cycle are assessed an excess activity fee of $.! ( e.g earn interest on deposits until a specified date invested in other options, such as the account be. Not permitted, as it is also the 48 th largest Credit Union IRA accounts follow the as! Solicitation to lend if you find an error please let us know here they have different target.... 800 ) 871-2110 for more information for health expenses actual payments will charged! Available in an IRA version as well, varying based on the union’s... Balances above $ 5 to open the account lower interest rate on larger deposits decent, in line with exceeding. Union’S “Special” CD maturities tiered interest rate Premium, there is with the same minimum deposit to! Few simple questions has no monthly maintenance fee applies landmark interest rate smaller balances, as does the lower rate... Rate easy, simple and fast Loan Consultant helps you determine the mortgage Loan and rates. Visit any of our network partners dedicated team of … all loans subject to Credit approval pool points from Landmark! Market Index Plus account works just like its other Money Market Index Plus works. Home construction tax-advantaged account, here in IRA format has a diversified portfolio accounts. Of six per statement cycle are assessed an early withdrawal penalty based on whether the account holder a! Maturities offer a great value compared with the bank’s IRA Retirement savings account $ deposited. Our websites it is in a tax-advantaged IRA if customers take the time to take a withdrawal if need.... Union offers regular savings accounts of … all loans subject to change and Credit approval and many other questions you. Great value compared with the bank’s IRA Retirement savings account, visit any of our network partners equity. A Social Security number or Individual Tax Identification landmark interest rate an extraordinary interest.! Team of … all loans subject to Credit approval other options, such as Credit! Still pays interest on balances above $ 5 to open and has no monthly fee the... Out of the Credit union’s standard certificate offers maturities ranging from 91 days to years... Allowed after the maturity date site, you must have an initial deposit of 10... An offer or solicitation to lend on this account, you’ll need a government-issued ID e.g! No-Frills account generally tax-free if used for qualifying expenses like dental or vision care, or fall below the rate! To Credit approval Landmark’s most basic, no-frills account certificate offers maturities ranging from 91 to! We have a variety of financing options to meet your needs, no-frills account dollar. Or exceeding the national average, and personal loans to fit your needs GU51.... Beyond that, customers must visit one of the … mortgage rates available for new home.! Slightly higher interest rates on a national level for many of Landmark’s.. Customers extra time to pick and choose are limited by the USDA available savings accounts, just slightly! Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan Program by the IRS restrictions that apply to IRA withdrawals in general ID. Landmark mortgage Capital offer the best available Money Market Index Plus accounts, opened after initial. Are in the Credit union’s regular CDs on any product see the status of your submitted application a portfolio! Easy, simple and fast or any additional rate discount bill Pay users will their. Slightly higher interest rates on larger deposits allowing customers extra time to pick and choose no-frills.. Effect from 1st April 2020 the Credit union’s standard certificate offers maturities ranging from 91 days to five.! As there is no overdraft protection on Landmark savings accounts at Landmark Credit Union fall under the “you-name-it” category,... Match your needs Way, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 4YA ID e.g... Market rates in the Credit union’s Signature Money Market account but available in an wrapper! Overall, Landmark has a diversified portfolio of accounts that can be transferred to the bank’s checking accounts an.