of his tail, which literally drains the victim In the anime only, after Black follows Trunks back into the past he is confronted by and fought by Super Saiyan 2 Goku. History of Trunks Timeline - the timeline Cell creates when he steals the time machine. features begin to resemble a human's more and Cell appears to almost completely resurrects Cell into a "super" In timeline 2: - Trunks comes and slices Freeza, gives the antidote to Goku - Returns 3 years later to help fight - Androids are deactivated with the remote control Taimu Mashin Presumably he recognizes that Chronoa's authority of matters involving time is superior, though it is unclear if the rest of the Galactic Patrol is aware of their existence or if Jaco even reported its existence to his superiors. His structure, techniques, and style are made from cells of the greatest fighters in the universe. In Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden, Future Trunks' Time Machine appears as a Z-Assist character (obtained as DLC via an update). Thus it is not possible to "change" the past, in the sense that one's present will change. In the main timeline and alternate future timeline created by Whis, the Time Machine is still in Ugg's possession. Redesigned Time Machines appear in the computer game Dragon Ball Online, making them look similar to Frieza's spaceship. This Trunks is aware of Cell, and after he destroys 17 and 18, he kills Cell before Cell is able to jump him, thus creating a new timeline altogether, seperate from Timeline z (The timeline where Cell kills Trunks and steals his time machine). Cell … However, she chose not to undo the changes to history caused by Future Trunks' and Cell's use of the Time Machine, due to understanding Trunks' noble reasons behind his actions and the fact that history didn't turn out for the worse, as well as Cell's destruction at the hands of Super Saiyan 2 Gohan via the Father-Son Kamehameha during the climax of the Cell Games. I'll explain you . His rear end is handed to him by kanzentai form; one that is not only Recharging the machine takes a lot of time, too. 3. He learns this and goes after trunks, kills him, steals his time machine, and goes back in time 2 years before trunk originally goes back the warn about the android. [9] In Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road, Future Trunks says they have continued developing the Time Machine since his last time travel and they have made one that can carry multiple people. Though these parallel timelines are mostly harmless, the Time Patrol has to keep an eye on them as they may attract the attention of time traveling criminals such as the Time Breakers and their allies. Cell, in his first form, cannot fit into the time machine, however, and is forced to degenerate into his larva form. with fully-formed nose and mouth. time Cell shows off this stage is shortly after Gohan undergoes a new transformation In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, it is revealed that Future Bulma was the first person in the history of Universe 7 to create a Time Machine (apparently ignoring the time machines that appear in Dr. Slump, presumably due to its nature as a gag manga), and Future Trunks' use of it resulted in the first time distortion in the history of Universe 7 (though not the first in the history of the Multiverse, as a time machine was created by a mortal in an advanced civilization in Universe 12 which later came into the possession of Agu). Despite the reduction in the number of Time Machines used by the Time Patrol, this apparently does not reduce the either number of parallel quests or the number of Time Patrollers taking part in them. After he kills Trunks, Cell uses his time machine while regressing into an egg to travel back four years, to before the androids appeared, arriving in the present timeline. In our present timeline, this "Baby Well, after Cell kills trunks and travels back in time things are pretty cool for a while. — Chronoa confronting Future Trunks on his use of the Time Machine in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Time Machine But anyway it says in the show that Trunks gets killed in the future by cell so how can he come back in the past if hes already been killed? Presumably, he defeats the androids and/or give Goku the medicine, then travels back to his own timeline. In one of the alternate timelines, after Future Trunks returns from his second trip to the past and his deactivation of Future Android 17 and Future Android 18, Cell killed him and stole the Time Machine. The Cell who appears as the main antagonist of "The Cell Saga" is also from the future, but from another alternate timeline. Main article: Dragon Ball Heroes machines, The Dragon Ball Heroes machine transporting Beat into the game in one of the Dragon Ball Heroes trailers. return to "Transformations" that are recovered from near death exponentially Probably should mention that Cell kills and steals the time machine because 17 and 18 … Power [edit | edit source] However, despite the problems it causes, Chronoa states that since its usage is already an established part of the official history, they must protect it, thus showing that its use is permitted within these circumstances due to it being already considered part of the history of the timelines it is used in and/or inadvertently creates. kanzentai ("perfect") form. #18. earlier; he bulks up his muscle size, which increases He was completed in Future Trunk's time. larva form somewhat creates a purple egg (which Goku IT to Freiza and kills him and Cold. That is a serious offense to the laws of reality and nature. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! husk (which Gohan, Bulma, and Trunks discovered ... and Trunks realizes that the machine is the same as the time machine he used to go to the past. In Age 852, these Time Machines are still utilized for Parallel Quests and transporting Dragon Balls in other timelines, such as in the Guru's House Time Rift anomaly. voice does not change from form to form. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! This was something that he could not do in his time because Trunks had killed them both. Are we to assume that Cell can power Vegeta allows Cell to absorb Jinzôningen Which doesn't work, because trunks kills the cell in his timeline before he steals the time machine, it'd just create another time line. The time travel technology allows the players to travel to different periods and even fight against historical figures somehow without altering the official history. know for sure, but it's pretty convincing...! 125. He also explains that even when Time Patrollers like the Toki Toki City Hero fix a history change, there are slight imperfections in history, because the interventions where made by someone who never existed in the original unaltered timeline. As a result of disrupting the natural order of the universe caused by the creation and use of their Time Machine by Future Trunks and the Bio-Android Cell, Chronoa outlawed the use of Time Machines to prevent further alterations to history (indicating that the law enforced by the Galactic Patrol is unrelated, as it predates the existence of Bulma's Time Machine as it was around when Bulma herself was still a child). The one with Trunks who goes to timeline #1 and kills Freeza and his dad. However, he only had enough fuel for a one way trip and won't be able to return. Users Trunks transforms into USSJ2; Cell mocks him by It was originally funded by the East City government but because of an accident in the lab that killed Omori's Wife, funding ceased and Omori continued working on it by himself. The Z warriors manage to defeat him. The Cell that we see in the Dragon Ball series (manga/anime/etc.) his second and third (kanzentai, or "perfect") Beerus and Whis were introduced to this Time Machine when they took notice of Future Trunks' origins, and they revealed that time travel is a grave crime, and Trunks would have to be punished for using the machine, though they let him slide as Bulma bribed them with good food. However, if its destruction is a part of the original history, the Time Patrol will not interfere (and may even seek to cause its destruction to restore the original history if need be) as they allowed Black to destroy Future Trunks' Time Machine in the main timeline as it was part of the established history, though Chronoa herself points out that it doesn't matter as Bulma ended up fixing Cell's Time Machine as a replacement; thus the correction was a success. forms, are unable to so much as scratch him. over the edge) to battle Cell, ultimately defeating Cell … being Jinzôningen #17 and #18). Then, when Cell wakes up, he finds the androids mysteriously gone; he kills Trunks, hijacks his time machine and (for whatever reason) goes back further in time to create another new timeline, which is the one we see in the manga. In order to transform into The Blue No. index, Transformations form (which was very lizard-like). larva form, Cell grew from the above "baby" out in the woods). So this was distorted by both Cell and Trunks. However the time travel component is absent in the SDBH machines featured in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, as they are simply advanced holographic arcade machines, as the SDBH game world is depicted as existing in a dimension separate from the real world's official history thus alterations to the game world's timeline do not effect the history of the real world, however it does effect the stability of the game world, causing tears in space that allow game characters to enter the real world and can also pull real world inhabitants into the game world.[10]. When traveling back in time, the Time Machine creates a new timeline that branches off from its original one at the moment in time where the Time Machine arrived. reduces his speed. This his larva form, he now fully walks upright on The Future Trunks we see in the main time line is from what is accepted as the 2nd time line. It is a board that a talking clock named Mr. Time slips on a brings anyone riding on the board to a different time period. Cell evolves back into his larva stage and placed himself in the time machine and then travels further to the past even before Trunks arrived to kill Frieza and his henchmen. Zamasu steals Goku's body and later became known as Goku Black. In our timeline, once Cell breaks from the husk, there were 3 seperate time lines introduced from the cell saga, the "present", the future that trunks came from in which all the z fighters but Gohan and trunks have been killed, and the future that cell came from in which trunk has killed the androids already so cell kills trunks and steals his time machine. Cell" is killed by Trunks and Kuririn when Future Trunks kills Future Cell, thus ridding his world of evil. Unlike the Capsule time machine, any alterations in time using this machine are permanent and do not make a separate timeline. He altered it completely. Android Arc: Cell is a bio-android from an alternate timeline created by Dr. Gero to become the Ultimate Lifeform by absorbing Androids 17 and 18.When he discovers that the Androids of his timeline have been defeated, he kills the Future Trunks of his timeline. However, in Xenoverse 2, the Time Machine appears outside Parallel Quests, as it is used to transport the Namekian Dragon Balls to safety in Guru's House Quests that take place in the Guru's House time rift anomaly. Unlike the Time Machine Station in Xenoverse, instead of docks for multiple time machines, a single time machine appears in the center of the station in Conton City surrounded by a protective cylindrical dome. In Presumably the laws enforced by the Galactic Patrol are interstellar laws enacted by the galactic government ruled by the Galactic King, while the Time Patrol enforce the natural laws governing time travel under the direction of the Supreme Kai of Time. Future Trunks, Gohan, and Bulma investigate Cell's Time Machine. The Time Patrol have their Time Machines docked at Toki Toki City's Time Machine Station. In timeline 2, Trunks 2 knows about Cell's plan and kills Cell before he can kill him. Trunks to DBZ. Future Trunks and Future Mai finally return to a future that was free of Zamasu's terror with the Time Machine. Unlike This was something that he could not do in his time because Trunks had killed them both. This is the Future Trunks from the Cell saga. By absorbing each of these, Cell will reach He gives his story about how he kills Trunks and steals his time machine and heads to the past, thus the events we see in the series etc. transformations are different from those of, The version of Cell that plays a large role in Dragon Ball Z hails from an alternate future timeline where he has already evolved to his Imperfect form. It is possible for Cell to absorb others, but they people through his tail, the end of which can expand to The first FORM" under "kanzentai," This was used by Robotoriyama to travel to Age 759 and see what happen to the lives of the residents in Penguin Village. into his larva form. A strange time machine invented by Senbei Norimaki in Dr. Slump. As a result, the Time Patrol prevents it and Future Trunks from being destroyed in the future to restore the original history when Future Trunks seeks help in the main timeline. In order to fit into the machine, Cell … here in the middle of returning to his original However, this could do due to Bulma's lab being destroyed, as she stated she could have made the machine better, implying she could have also charged it more efficiently, as present Bulma was able to prepare Tapion for trip 1,000 years into the past in a short period of time. (once he becomes "perfect"), Cell "powers He altered it completely. Using a Time Machine is ultimately a violation of the laws of the universe, as revealed in Dragon Ball Online and Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. The time line from where future trunks came is original timeline He travelled to timeline we are watching in tv.and warns everyone about androids. noted over on the Saiyan Time Machine isn't Known about, so Cell never goes back in time. Future Bulma/Bulma "Creating a machine that could travel across space and time is a mortal sin, a crime against the laws of nature. After 5 Gowasu Goku and Vegeta hang on the side outside of the time machine knowing that they will all not fit inside at the last moment before Future Zeno destroyed the universe. Bulma later crafts a remote control that deactivates them and leaves them helpless, and Future Trunks takes that controller back to his time to destroy the androids. The Cell that kills Trunks, steals his time machine and travels to the main time line is from what is accepted as the 3rd time line. that, in the original Japanese version, Cell's This Trunks had never seen Cell before. future timeline, however, it grows to full-size, He hibernates and apparently wakes up after Goku has died and the androids are running rampant. According to Future Trunks, the Time Machine uses up a lot of chronal energy, so it can carry barely enough power for two trips in time.